Scream, S1 E8- Ghosts

Scream S1 E8- Ghosts

When someone close to you dies, you mourn their loss. But when you actually witness (and potentially cause) their death, it could have some lasting effects. That certainly was the case for Emma in regards to Will’s tragic death. I’m not sure if you guys agree, but as of right now, it easily takes the cake as the Killer’s most brutal death.

Scream S1 E8- Ghosts

“I leave to go grocery shopping for half an hour, William Belmont?! I’d ground you if you weren’t already dead.”

This episode begins in a montage of sorts. While Mrs. Duval is constructing her medical report on Will Belmont, we see glances of a drenched-in-blood Emma (who, while traumatized, has some major swag to her walk) and a poor Mrs. Belmont finding her now-split-in-two dead son. Emma spends the rest of her day being prescribed anti-depressants from her doctor’s office, and ending her day by playing the tape of her father over and over again. That’s not going to make you relax, honey. Might I suggest a more positive and uplifting song like Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself“?

Instead of taking it easy and laying low for a few days, Emma wants to put all of this behind her and just go about life as usual. Like attending school, for instance. Oh, I should quickly mention for all you Jake fans, that he is totally fine and recovering nicely (aside from him mourning his best friend’s death).

Scream S1 E8- Ghosts

“Nothing gets me down. Not even the grotesque image of my ex-boyfriend’s death that I currently have on loop in my brain. Not even that.”

Of course everyone is shocked to see Emma walking down the hall as if it’s a normal school day. She’s even waving and saying ‘hi’ to people! Audrey and Noah spot her and immediately ask if she’s okay and what on earth she’s doing there. Emma says she’s fine, but the duo know that’s just a facade. Audrey and Noah know what Emma’s going through. Maybe the trio can finally start “My Significant Other Got Murdered” Club. Mr. Seth Branson can be the club’s adult supervisor. More on that in a bit. “She is so not okay,” Audrey says to Noah who responds with, “Not even close.” Sure enough, the second Emma spots a shrine on Will’s locker her attitude falters.

I mentioned this before in the recap/review for 1.04: “Aftermath”, but I really admire the show’s awareness of losing someone and showing how each character is affected. Since Emma is the show’s leading lady, we see a more prominent telling of her grief throughout this episode. The show even goes as far as having Emma hallucinate/daydream a split-down-the-head Will Belmont several times. The makeup and special effects department deserve a slow clap for their outstanding work. Her daydreams wouldn’t be complete without the “Daisy Song” softly played in the background, flickering lights, etc. What’s interesting is that all of Emma’s fear and panic stems from her own mind, not the actual Killer. Okay, so technically she wouldn’t be in this mess (like “eventually admitted into a hospital” mess), if it wasn’t for the Killer’s booby-trap death for Will. But in terms of this episode, the Killer does not make any contact with Emma whatsoever. All of that interaction is probably best saved for the final 2 episodes of this season.

Scream S1 E8- Ghosts

“I’m not visiting you as a reporter. I’m here as a friend (and possible half-sister), I promise.”

Emma gets a few unlikely visitors after her admittance to the hospital. The big shocker being her father, Kevin Duval. He spontaneously arrived in her hospital room in the middle of the night to find an obviously shocked Emma. If you thought she would welcome him in her arms and forget the fact he abandoned her all these years, think again. She shuts down all of his kind efforts of getting to know her again and asks him to leave. The following morning, Piper visits. After Emma explains the Father/Daughter reunion to her, Piper advises that she give him a second chance. After all, at least her father’s still alive. That may be true, but during her second round of nightmares, Em’s come to find that her returning father was just an illusion. A clue to just emphasize a hidden secret she’s been missing all this time.

Scream S1 E8- Ghosts

“This is my ‘I’m happy to see you, Dad’ face, I swear!”

By using footage from the abandoned hospital, Emma tracks down an x-ray of a baby that was hanging up among the Brandon James head x-rays. The final puzzle piece isn’t found until Maggie ‘Daisy’ Duval tells her whole backstory. She didn’t leave Lakewood to just get away from the murders. She was pregnant, with Brandon James’ child. Judging from Kevin’s not-so-thrilling reaction to Brandon on the tape, it’s clear that Maggie’s other child was the reason for Kevin’s departure. You also had another daughter to raise, Kev, but that’s fine I guess. What does everyone make of this information? This theory (or something similar) has been talked about among the Scream fandom for quite some time, and it’s great that it’s being executed. A little predictable in that regard, but the Killer has yet to be revealed, so I’m excited to see where the writers are taking this story line.

“The sub-plot thickens,” as Noah commented in last week’s episode, all tongue-in-cheek-like. And boy did it ever. The Bi-Curious and the Virgin can check one successful case off their list. Once Noah finally gets a hit on Seth Branson’s real name/identity: Seth Palmer, Noah and Audrey are finally able to look for more crucial evidence against this Ezra Fitz wannabe English teacher. A knife hidden in his A/C vent ought to do the trick. With more information involving Seth’s previous name (like being involved with an 18-year-old college student of his), the police are able to set up a trap. Unfortunately it involves Brooke, unbeknownst to her. The poor girl just wanted to casually have sex in the school’s auditorium. Instead she endures both a near miss from the Killer and embarrassment from the cops. I think she’ll be able to let this incident go once she knows the truth about her beloved teacher.

What did everyone think of 1.08: “Ghosts”?

Lakewood Body Count

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont

Kelly’s Killer Suspects

    • Piper Shaw: With the new information we have of Emma’s half-sibling, we know that they are a few years old than Emma. Piper is at least 21 (remember, she gave Emma a flask of alcohol in 1.05). Has anyone suspected her of being the Killer thus far? Nope (well besides heaps of Scream viewers), which means it would be a big shock to the characters if she was the Killer.
    • Kieran Wilcox: We don’t exactly know how much older he is than the rest of his high school students, right? If so, there’s a possibility he could be Emma’s half-sibling. If this ends up being true, that means Emma slept with her half-sibling. Awkward.

Next episode, 1.09: “The Dance” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV. A short trailer for it can be viewed below.

It appears Bella Thorne’s character finally appears in flashbacks, as was mentioned a while back. And things are not looking good for the Sheriff. Am I going to be adding to the victim list after this?

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