New Once Upon a Time clip and Merida image

Once Upon a Time Emma Swan daggerA new clip from Once Upon a Time was screened at Disney’s D23 Expo.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the sneak peek takes place right after the season 4 finale and shows Captain Hook attempting to summon the newly-Dark Emma by picking up the Dark One’s dagger. And though the dashing pirate shouts “Dark One, appear!” with as much conviction as he can muster, his efforts prove fruitless.

The fifth season of Once Upon a Time will focus on consequences of Emma Swan’s decision to become the next Dark One.

Amy Manson Merida OUAT S5ABC has also released a new image of Merida, played by Scottish actress Amy Manson, who was last seen playing the sorceress Medea in BBC’s Atlantis. So far, although we know that Merida will be playing a significant role in season 5, there have been no details released about her character’s connection to the rest of the main cast.

Once Upon a Time season 5 debuts Sept. 27 on ABC.