New Doctor Who Trailer released

Doctor Who S9 Trailer screenshotAs the ninth season of the sci-fi drama approaches, we are given more and more new footage to speculate over. The latest action-packed trailer features more fantastic set pieces, some familiar monsters (we don’t want to spoil too much), and some new scary faces as well. We also get some glimpses of Maisie Williams’ character, though we’re still not sure what she’s up to.

There’s a tense scene where Clara Oswald somehow finds herself surrounded by Daleks. There are massive explosions, epic chases, and the Doctor rocking an electric guitar!

“I’m the Doctor and I save people,” Peter Capaldi’s incarnation declares authoritatively as he faces an unknown adversary, “This is where your story ends!”

“He doesn’t have a plan yet,” says companion Clara  with a smile, “but he will have. And it will be spectacular!”

And it always is. Faithful Whovians have a lot to look forward to next month.

Doctor Who‘s ninth season premieres on September 19 on BBC America.

Check out the trailer below:

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