Claire Holt and Casper Zafer to return to ‘The Originals’

Soon The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, will air its third season. During its premiere, we can expect to see some familiar Mikaelson faces throughout the episode.

claire and casper

Claire Holt (left) and Casper Zafer (right)

It’s been announced that both Claire Holt (Rebekah Mikaelson) and Casper Zafer (Finn Mikaelson) will reprise their roles in the supernatural drama. Not only this, but Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol Mikaelson) will be appearing right alongside them. It’s a Mikaelson family reunion!

Unfortunately, the scene with the “original” actors (no pun intended) portraying their vampire characters will only be a flashback in the episode. However, the scene itself is sure to dramatically change the way we see the Mikaelson family in the present.

Executive producer Michael Narducci explains it to TV Guide:

“[It’s] a flashback that we’ve never seen before. We’ve always understood that the Mikaelson family, the brothers and sister, had to flee in the wake of Esther’s death by Klaus’ hands. Klaus blamed Mikael and said, ‘We have to go. Our father is insane,’ and for a very long time Mikael chased them. So wouldn’t it be cool to see the family not long after that? What was their state of mind? What were their relationships like? How did they relate to one another knowing Mikael was out there somewhere, and they’re relatively new vampires so what was their existence like? I think it might be surprising and interesting.”

For Zafer, this will be the first time he’s portraying the original Finn Mikaelson since season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, 3.18: “The Murder of One”; Yusuf Gatewood portrayed a reincarnated version of him briefly in Season 2. While Holt was just seen as Rebekah in the second season finale, she will continue to just act as a recurring role in the upcoming season. But don’t fret Rebekah fans, perhaps the reincarnated Rebekah, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, will continue to portray the Mikaelson sister.

What are your thoughts on the returning Orignals cast members?

The season 3 premiere episode of The Originals airs Thursday October 8th at 9/8c on the CW.