Emma & Noah search for Will in this ‘Scream’ sneak peek

Scream, Who Will Fall?
Scream S1 E7- In The Trenches

Emma, honey. You got a little something on your face. #FinalGirlProblems

When we last saw Will Belmont on Scream, things weren’t looking too hot for him. He was last seen being dragged away by the Killer, after getting stabbed.

Tonight’s episode of Scream, 1.07: “In the Trenches”, has Emma playing a dangerous (or deadly) game of hide and seek to try and save Will. His life is basically in her hands. Just another day in the life of a Final Girl, I guess.

Featured in the sneak peek below, a frazzled Emma and Noah (crime duo name: The Final Girl and The Virgin) are on the search for Will, courtesy of the Killer’s twisted game.

Let’s hope Emma manages to ignore Noah’s continuous horror movie monologues enough to save Will.

However, judging by the fact that a) we haven’t had a death since the third episode and b) this episode has been advertised as “Death is Coming. Death is Here,” we can pretty much assume that someone will be another Lakewood murder victim by the end.

Who do you think it is? Leave your guesses in the comments below.

My guesses are Will (The guy was stabbed. One can only survive so long with a stab wound) or Brooke Maddox.

Scream, 1.07: “In the Trenches” airs tonight (Tuesday) at 10/9c on MTV.


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