Scream, S1 E6- Betrayed

Scream S1E6- "Betrayed"
Scream S1E6- "Betrayed"

Nothing like a scary abandoned house of a murderer to end a perfect date.

Previously on MTV’s Scream: Kieran tried to teach Emma to protect herself by showing her how to shoot a gun. Then immediately afterward, sparks were in the air and the two found themselves having sex on the grass (hopefully using a different kind of protection). You’d think afterwards, they’d want to look up at the stars or gush over romantic things. Nope. Emma decides in a spur of the moment decision to face her Brandon James fear and head to his house. While investigating inside, Kieran goes M.I.A. shortly after, which follows a call from the Killer. They’re in the house! She tries to run, but the door’s locked…by a simple door chain on Emma’s side. (E!’s The Soup did a hilarious shout-out to Scream mentioning this moment). Emma’s trapped! The Killer surprise stabs her and is revealed to be: Emma?! I think you guys know where this is going. It’s a dream. 1) No way would Kieran be down for going to Brandon James’ abode; he’d probably just want to go and get more hair gel. 2) IRL!Emma is ten times smarter than dream!Emma. Emma wakes up to fortunately find it’s all a dream and she’s safely in her own bed. Who else is in the Duval household? Kieran’s Dad, Sheriff Clark. It’s like Emma and her Mom planned it! Was anyone else bummed that it all was a dream? When I first watched Scream‘s epic Comic-Con trailer, I was stoked to see when the footage of Emma in the Killer getup was going to appear (I assumed the finale). It’s a bit of a letdown, but all the more reason to be excited for episodes to come.

Later at school, the Bi-Curious and the Virgin duo (Audrey and Noah) are putting their crime solving skills to the test. Noah found out that Mr. Branson isn’t exactly who he says he is. But that isn’t to say he’s automatically suspect #1. They believe that anyone who found out about the spyware within Branson’s computer could have a motive to kill. It could even be the two of them! They laugh at the idea, have a resting creep face contest, and do their BFF handshake. I love these two. I could see them being revealed as a duo killer team, blood dripping down their faces, and still find them adorable. Is that weird?

In the English classroom, everyone is working on their dramatic scenes. Noah, Audrey, and Will find themselves in a three-way partnership for the assignment. “This is the start of a beautiful mutual tolerance,” Noah says after Will and Audrey make up. A girl humiliates a guy in self defense and he gets all sensitive about it. Jeez. The class is interrupted by Detective Brock, who has some questions for Audrey. If this was my high school, a soft “oh!” would have ignited among the students.

Scream S1E6- "Betrayed"

Must initiate “resting creep face” to not show complete utter fear.

The second Audrey’s butt hits the interrogation room’s chair, Brock rapidly fires questions at her. “Where were you on September 30th?” (Nina’s murder), “Did you hate Nina enough to kill her”, etc. However, given that Audrey’s a minor and needs an adult present, she can’t actually answer any of those questions until her father arrives. Thank you, Scream, for incorporating that simple yet extremely important law, which most TV shows seem to forget, into your show (I’m looking at you, Pretty Little Liars). After her father arrives and the Jensens hug it out, the big question arrives. What on earth was Audrey’s DNA doing on the inside of the Brandon James mask? Gulp. Audrey babe, you’re in some deep trouble.

Back at school, Noah and Emma are super freaked out by Audrey’s ordeal with the police. Audrey couldn’t be the Killer, right? My final verdict is: 95% No, 5% Yes. It’s Scream, everyone is still a suspect until we physically see the Killer’s reveal or they die. Speak of the devil possible killer, Emma receives a call from Audrey via her Dad’s phone at the station. Emma needs to go in Audrey’s room, find the September 30th SD, card and destroy it without watching it. Challenge accepted.

By breaking-and-entering, they’re able to find the card and quickly escape Brock and her search team, who are moments away from searching Audrey’s room. Good thing Emma put her “Emrey BFF skills” to the test. Mission accomplished. As for the tape? You know Noah and Emma would be too curious to watch it. As a best friend, I’d want to know what possible incriminating evidence the police have on me, too. It’s a post-leaked-make-out-video Audrey who is furious at Nina’s recent upload. If looks could kill is an understatement in Audrey’s case.

Aware of the break-in at the Jensen household, Detective Brock questions Emma to see if she knows anything.We can continue to applaud Emma’s actions (minus dream!Emma). Not once does she throw Audrey under the bus and is all, “Look at this crazy Audrey meltdown!” In fact, she makes up some bogus lie to clear Audrey’s name. That’s friendship right there! Audrey explains the aftermath of that video. Being the adorable and smart girlfriend that Rachel is, she threw Audrey’s keys in a giant clearing, causing her to release all her angry out on finding her keys – instead of actually murdering someone. And Piper claimed Rachel wasn’t in love with Audrey, oh please. Audrey is free to go!

Scream S1E6- "Betrayed"

Quick! Let’s analyze the crap out of this photo and try and guess who the Killer is.

Briefly touching on what happened in the rest of “Betrayed”: Brooke tried to find if in fact her father killed her mother (no actual evidence was found), and Will tries to go back to his nice guy ways. What starts off as simply returning all the money Mr. Maddox ever paid him and Jake, ends up being a messy situation for him.

Not wanting to let a good story go to waste, Piper hides during Will’s meeting with Mayor Maddox to get possible stories from it. What the two don’t expect is for the Killer to show up! Piper gets knocked on the head, but Will isn’t so lucky. He’s stabbed by the Brandon James mask-wearer and dragged away, all while screaming out for help. Several people have made comments about the lack of deaths as of late on this supposed slasher show. These last few minutes of screen-time definitely made up for the recent halt on kills. What did you guys think?

In his current condition, do you think Will’s going to make it to the end of the following episode? According to the trailer (which can be viewed below), Emma’s up for a killer game of hide and seek in order to assure Will’s safety.

Lakewood Body Count: (No New Additions. Yet.)

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra

Kelly’s Killer Suspects:

  • Piper Shaw: You may have gotten knocked on the head by the Killer. But that doesn’t mean that you still can’t somehow be involved.
  • Kieran Wilcox
  • Seth Branson: Sorry, I just still find you creepy. As I probably always will, courtesy of you sleeping with your student(s).

Next episode, 1.07: “In the Trenches” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV.

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