Scream, S1 E5 – Exposed

Scream S1E5- "Exposed"
Scream S1E5- "Exposed"

“Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes. You say sorry just for show.”

In last week’s episode, Emma’s first time video was leaked to just about every resident in Lakewood. That’s still very much affecting her at the start of “Exposed.” There are looks, whispers, and a slo-mo walk of shame on Em’s part. Fortunately, she knows someone who knows what she’s going through. Adorable Queen Audrey! She takes her by the arm, and assures her all of this will pass. Emma just has to continue to be her strong, bad-ass self.
Using her strength and female independence attitude, she rips Will a new one when he’s all clueless about the video. Dude, don’t lie! We all know you had something to do with this (well, the filming – not the sending).
After Will scampers away, tail between his legs, Em gets another call from the Killer: “How does it feel to be the star of the show?” Not great, dude. You should try it sometime. How does a trial sound?

At the abandoned hospital, the Sheriff finds he’s been replaced on the case. We meet Lorraine Brock who is 1) a female state policeman and 2) a past co-worker/lover of Clark’s. Watch her do a better job than him in a single episode (psst…she does). And she’s still probably getting paid less than him! Boss.

In the only class we’ve seen so far, led by the underage-loving Mr. Branson, everyone’s unnerved by the idea of someone sitting in Riley’s seat. Don’t they know that’s a shrine now? Not only does Noah opt out of their on going assignment, he continues to feel so bad for blasting the “zombie sex virus” that was the video everywhere! You really can’t stay mad at him forever. The class starts learning about The Scarlet Letter, which Jake scoffs at. Will randomly gets in a fight with a guy and has to have Emma bail him out. She awkwardly mentions tonight’s candlelight vigil for those they’ve lost.

After class, Kieran insists Emma shouldn’t be afraid. Dude, easy for you to say! You don’t have a killer calling you, a leaked video, or your friends being killed off one by one. You know, until you said something, I didn’t even notice you were absent last week! Take your hair and go.
With the Ghostface-in-training duo, Will keeps stating how he doesn’t want any part of the blackmail anymore. Yeah, okay. Kiss your chance of going to Duke goodbye again, Jake responds.

Scream S1E5- "Exposed"

Rest in peace, Rachel Murray. You are still definitely missed.

The vigil that night ends up being somewhat of a popularity contest. It’s Nina and Tyler central (doesn’t the town think he killed everyone?) with a side of Riley. Poor Audrey has to add a small photo of Rachel to the display. Seeing a distraught Audrey clutch onto Noah has Piper asking Emma questions. Like was Audrey/Rachel’s relationship mutual or one sided? ‘Cause according to Rachel’s parents, it’s def. the latter. Emma assumes that was really just their reaction of not being okay with their daughter being into a girl. I vote yes! Does this look like a one-sided relationship? No.

Brooke, Emma, and Noah decide to say kind words/fond memories of Riley in the form of a eulogy. It starts out lovely, featuring candles and the works. But of course as Emma is telling the touching story of a six-year-old Riley and Emma, the Killer decides to come out and play. From capturing Emma via Lakewood’s version of Snapchat to texting her a cryptic message, “Tell that cop about me and you’ll get your Mom’s heart in a box.” Freaked out, Emma flees. While it’s probably terrifying for the girl, it makes for a beautiful shot for the audience. And don’t worry, the following morning at the station, Emma didn’t say a word about the Killer or creepy texts. Happy, Killer?

Brooke has a hissy fit when she doesn’t receive the coffee beverage she ordered at the cool (and only) coffee place in Lakewood. Seeing this, Jake tries to make it all better. Whenever he’s with Brooke, I do actually like the guy. She rants about how she hates that she’s constantly lying to Emma. Of course Emma is mere feet away hearing this. Busted. The lie that Brooke kept for years? Originally, Emma was seen as just a bet to Will on Nina’s part. He had one month to sleep with her – and that very moment is currently circulating through the entirety of Lakewood. Why are you so terrible, Will? Karma comes back to him in a major way, though, throughout this episode. First with Emma confronting and slapping him. “…we’re not friends, we’re not together. We’re done.” Second: Audrey owns him in self defense class (it’s an awesome sight to see). Third: Jake convinces Mayor Maddox that Will is in charge of blackmailing him. The blackmail is Mister Mayor literally dragging a body bag from his car to an ice box? Murderer Mayor Maddox? (The murdered being his wife). Poor Brooke.

By the end of the episode, many Scream fans were annoyed that no one’s died in the past 2 episodes. I am okay with this. As mentioned before, this is a TV series. We definitely needed proper time to mourn Riley. Plus, more drama was able to ensue that stemmed a bit away from the Lakewood Killer (well, technically).

Scream S1E5- "Exposed"

“Don’t cry, Emma. Here have some alcohol. And how about a creepy Killer text while I’m at it.”

However there is one last scene throughout “Exposed” I’d like to mention (and analyze the crap out of). Before spewing all her hatred out on Will, Emma turns to Piper in her time of vulnerability. Piper explains to Emma how she got into all of this journalism/podcasting business. Years ago, her father was murdered and the police didn’t even bother finding out whodunit. Sound familiar? Brandon James’ killer was never identified. I sense a motive for Piper to be the Lakewood Killer. Think about it! She has the tech smarts, randomly arrived to Lakewood when all the murders started occurring, and now has the tortured past to go with it. Piper could be after revenge for her father’s death, with maybe an added bonus of fame for her podcast. Entertainment Weekly wrote an interesting article on this recent ‘Killer theory’ that is definitely worth a read. Piper Shaw, you are officially my number one suspect.

What are your thoughts on 1.05: “Exposed”? We’re already halfway through Season 1. Good thing we now have a Season 2 commissioned so we’re not left with possible unanswered questions.

Lakewood Body Count: (No New Additions)

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra

Kelly’s Killer Suspects:

  • Piper Shaw: For reasons mentioned above.
  • Kieran Wilcox: Still on the list, but your “romantic” gesture of trying to protect Emma by teaching her to shoot a gun, makes me believe that you care about her well-being and wouldn’t want her dead.
  • Seth Branson: Audrey and Noah found out about your malware software by snooping through your classroom. So, your creepiness factor goes up.

Removed from list: Will Belmont and Jake Fitzgerald. The two could barely execute the “blackmail Mayor Maddox” plan, I don’t think they have the brains to formulate various murders. Or let alone think of punny messages.

Next episode, 1.06: “Betrayed” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV! A trailer can be viewed below.

Audrey no! Say it ain’t so! (Do I have to put you back on my suspect list?) And Emma getting stabbed?! That actually threw me for a loop, thanks Scream writers.

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