‘Scream’ Gets Renewed for a Second Season!

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Remember during ComicCon a couple of weeks ago, when it was announced that Scream was renewed for a second season? Well, unfortunately that was just a rumor either brought on by the excitement of the show’s promotion that weekend, or a simple miscommunication.

But it’s okay because as of yesterday (July 29th), we have confirmation of a second season!

MTV states that each Scream episode has averaged at least 1.4 million viewers (prior to 1.05), 21 million viewers have watched at least some portion of the slasher horror TV series, and 7.9 million streams have occurred through various different platforms.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with [exec producer] Bob Weinstein and his team, who are such connoisseurs of this genre, and we are thrilled by how our viewers have responded to the reinvention of ‘Scream,’” states MTV’s executive VP of series development and head of scripted programming, Mina Lefevre. “We look forward to another season filled with suspense, horror and more twists and turns.” So do the fans, Mina!

Many people have wondered if this show was going to be anthology based like other horror genre shows (ex: American Horror Story), or perhaps include the few Lakewood residents that might be left come the season one finale. Nope, that is not the case. The second season should pick up around the same time as the finale.

Scream executive producer, Jaime Paglia, had this to say to Variety about how they tend to keep the excitement/fear alive in episodes/seasons to come:

“This is a story made for television, and particularly with today’s audience, it’s more genre. There’s a certain level of sophistication and planning on television shows now. We needed to have a killer that could compete with them. This is not a killer who is going to take risks. When the killer does show up, you want to feel that someone is definitely going to die. If you undercut that with too many near-misses, I think so many of the audience isn’t going to feel that afraid of the show.”

What do you think will occur in the show as the rest of Season 1 airs (can’t believe we’re already halfway through the show)?

For your amusement, below is a video of the cast discussing their possible Killer predictions. Do you agree with any of this? (After “Exposed”, I definitely get killer vibes from Piper Shaw). And John Karna (Noah Foster)’s clearly excited about the season pickup in this short video.


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