Scream, S1 E4 – Aftermath

Scream S1E4- "Aftermath"
Scream S1E4- "Aftermath"

“Brandon James just got a lot more real for me.”

Good news: No one died in this episode (hooray!) Bad news: The Killer is still teasing the crap out of Emma and the rest of the Scream team.

What’s interesting about the Scream TV series in comparison to the film franchise, is there’s more time to mourn the deaths of the many characters that end up as GhostFace’s victims. With a 90-120 minute movie, you only have so much time to plot everything out (it’s quite mind boggling to think that in total we’re at 176 minutes for the TV series). Do I think we’ll get a time to mourn each character’s death in episodes to come? Probably not. But it’s nice to see these brief “moment of silences” we’ve had so far.

The episode picks up right where the previous episode, “Wanna Play a Game?” leaves off. Riley’s body is rolled away, while Emma continues to sob on the steps of the police station. Moments later, Noah and Audrey arrive at the scene, and watching poor Noah hysterically call out for Riley and say things like, “She was just here!”, should make even the Killer feel upset. The police also manage to find the Brandon James mask at the site where Tyler’s car (and his grossly burned corpse) is found. So I guess I can stop referring to the mask as GhostFace now; Brandon James it is.

Scream S1E4- "Aftermath"

Best Friend Awards all around to Audrey ‘Bi-curious Badass’ Jensen

Filling in for Noah’s monologue-of-the-episode is Piper Shaw. She speaks beautifully of Riley Marra’s tragic death and the effects it’ll have on the town of Lakewood. Brooke and Emma sob and reminisce over the memory of Riley. Noah has a different approach to the mourning process. He’d much rather analyze their entire texting relationship, and question whether or not him losing his V-Card would have possibly saved her life (that’s not how it works, bub). Fortunately for him, he has the lovely BFF Audrey to help him through this time. She does her best to joke around with him, like creating a name for them: “Bi-Curious and the Virgin.” I don’t know about you, but I’m already making t-shirts.

Later, during the town meeting, the sheriff of Lakewood makes it clear that they believe Tyler O’Neill to be held fully responsible, and that the case is closed. This does not fly with Audrey, who knows of the town’s murder investigation for Rachel’s “suicide”. She tries to speak her mind to sheriff Clark Hudson, but all that gets her is a suggested visit to a grief counselor. However, Emma shares her theory with Audrey: that the killer’s still out there. Cue the main plot of the episode!

After receiving a 1994 George Washington yearbook in the mail, Emma knows that the Killer is still lurking about Lakewood. The yearbook had cut-out photos of the 12 victims of Brandon James’ killings and the major clue: “The truth lies where the mask was made.” Honestly, it’s like the Killer is asking Emma to form a Scream team and figure out this mystery. And that’s exactly what she does.

Scream S1E4- "Aftermath"

Scream team assemble! Bi-Curious, Virgin, and Potential Final Girl.

Emma seeks Noah’s knowledge from his serial killers obsession, to figure out the meaning behind the yearbook. Knowing exactly where Brandon James had his surgeries done and mask fittings, he immediately suggests the now-abandoned hospital miles away. Not wanting to get Noah involved during his current state (plus abandoned buildings are his amusement parks), Emma decides to go off on her own. Being the awesome person that Audrey is, she tags along with Emma for safety and supplies the weapons in case of danger.

Once there and inside, Audrey points out that the Killer could literally be anyone. Never underestimate a woman’s capability to murder. Also, with voice changing apps on smart phones, she clarifies that anyone could be creating the Killer’s current voice. Audrey Jensen, stop it! Quit making me suspect you of being the Killer!

Of course, Noah ends up joining the ladies at the hospital (not being able to resist visiting someone’s potential lair and everything). This is when Noah inspects his surroundings and basically fan-girls over film and television portrayals of Killer’s lairs. Judging from the displayed x-rays of Brandon James’ skull, souvenirs from the Killer’s murders, and bloody floors in the hallways, Noah suggests this could be one giant trap. That and the Killer obviously doesn’t sleep here. Nina’s laptop is among the souvenirs, which has some very interesting things on it. Like a video of Emma’s first time? (I’ll get to that in a minute).

Scream S1E4- "Aftermath"

Heads will roll…on the floor.

As most films and TV shows do, just when the trio get to the good stuff, they hear incoming footsteps. Fortunately, they save files on Audrey’s SD card. Unfortunately, when Emma tries to take a Brandon James mask as evidence, she finds that a rotting corpse head is wearing it! Hello, Tyler O’Neill’s head! The intruder is just the sheriff, who is pretty peeved to find Nomadrey (yes, that’s all their names combined) there. Once at the police station, the sheriff asks why on earth they didn’t come to the police with the yearbook. “The last time I came here, it didn’t really end that well,” Emma remarks back. They’re forced to give Audrey’s camera to the police as evidence.

Smart cookie Audrey keeps the SD card from her camera, rendering the camera useless. This leads into the Emma’s “first time” video. While rummaging through Nina’s computer files, Noah and Audrey accidentally leak out said video to the entire population of Lakewood. Poor Emma!

A Lakewood resident was spared in this episode, but who knows what the next episode will bring. Lastly, as shown in the side plot of “Aftermath”, we found out that Brooke’s father is being blackmailed by Jake and Will. Any thoughts on what they might have on Mr. Maddox?

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra

Kelly’s Killer Suspects:

  • Sheriff Clark Hudson : You’re still on the list, but your actions in this episode spared you from being a prime suspect. For now.
  • Kieran Wilcox: Please explain to me, Kieran, why you have a gun in the 1.05 trailer and are possibly using it on Emma? Not to mention throwing her up against a wall?! Not cool dude!
  • Will Belmont
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Seth Branson: the 1.05 trailer only makes my suspicions of you even more apparent. It’s like Ezra Fitz all over again
  • Audrey Jensen: Still adore you, but you’re on my list because of your “women can be killers, too” comment. That and we know you are capable of sounding like the Killer with your voice changing app.

Next episode, 1.05: “Exposed” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV! A trailer can be viewed below.

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