Xena: Warrior Princess Reboot at NBC: THR

Here comes Xena!

Here comes Xena!

In this world of endless reboots, the Hollywood Reporter announced Xena: Warrior Princess could be returning to television in 2016. The question is: will Lucy Lawless, the original and iconic Xena, make an appearance in the series?

Sources told THR that NBC and NBC Universal International have a “modern” Xena: Warrior Princess reboot drama in early development stages, with original executive producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi on board. Producers are said to be looking “for a sophisticated and smart superhero for a new generation.”

Lawless recently joined Starz’s Evil Dead sequel Ash vs. Evil Dead, bringing her together with Raimi and former producer Bruce Campbell. She’s been quite vocal about bringing Xena back to the small screen for quite some time, particularly in this time of reboot renaissance. The X-Files returns with a limited run mini-series on Fox in January, with the original actors. Will Xena: Warrior Princess go the same route?

Let us know – would you watch a Xena reboot?