Scream, S1 E3- Wanna Play a Game?

Scream S1E3- "Wanna Play A Game?"

As every episode of Scream: The TV Series passes us, we fall more and more in love each character (or in my case, obsessed). “You root for them. You love them. So when they are brutally murdered, it hurts,” said Noah Foster in the Pilot. It wasn’t until the end of this episode did we really understand just how much that quote would be true.

Scream S1E3- "Wanna Play A Game?"

You raised one killer potential ‘Final Girl’, Maggie ‘Daisy’ Duvall. But who’s Emma’s father?

The episode begins with Noah retelling the tragic murders of Halloween 1994 to Piper Shaw, reporter extraordinaire. Brandon James didn’t mess around with his killing spree that night, judging from the flashback death scenes. Adding his horror movie knowledge, Noah thinks that whoever is behind these murders had all of this planned out for quite some time. “The real question is: who’s next?” Am I the only one that’s adored Noah’s monologues accompanied with orchestral music? He could probably make the most boring subject seem so fascinating.

Emma starts to head into her Mom’s office (I love how she doesn’t care that she most likely will see dead bodies while there), when she overhears a conversation between her Mom and the Sheriff. Conveniently from that one conversation, Emma finds out heaps of secrets her Mother was keeping from her. These secrets include how Rachel’s death was not a suicide, but a murder, and how Emma’s Mom knows exactly why she was given the boxed heart. With revealed secrets comes the Killer’s text messages. “You and Mom have a heart-to-heart yet?” I wonder if the Killer spends more time plotting out their pun-infused text messages/notes or the murders themselves.

These past few days (or weeks I guess), Brooke has been staying at a swanky hotel room, courtesy of her Mom. With an empty hotel room comes sexy online time with her way-too-old-for-her (and also her teacher!) boyfriend, Mr. Branson. Brooke’s not feeling the cyber sex. To make things more exciting, she reveals that she’s hidden a naughty photo of herself somewhere in his classroom. Obviously this causes alarm bells to go ringing in Seth Branson’s head. Don’t worry, he later finds the photo — while in the middle of teaching the class no less! What does everyone think of this student/teacher relationship? Do you shake your head at the TV as much as I do or actually adore it?

Today is Rachel’s wake and Audrey just can’t seem to shake off Rachel’s suicide. Heading to Rachel’s room, she stares at the ceiling fan above. While she then harmlessly tries to see if it’s possible to kill one’s self via hanging on a ceiling fan, who better to walk in Rachel’s room but Emma? Thinking it’s the real thing, she pulls Audrey off the bed. Once the hysterics are over, Emma tells Audrey the truth about Rachel’s death. A light bulb goes off and everything seems to make sense to Audrey! “I knew Rachel wouldn’t kill herself.” Originally only wanting to tell Audrey that news, her ‘hair twirl thing’ gave it away. Pretty soon, Emma’s told Audrey all about the Killer’s text messages and the two gal pals are figuring out what to do about it. The two meet at Emma’s workplace and decide to message the Killer back. They want answers about Rachel and they’re going to get ’em!

Scream S1E3- "Wanna Play A Game?"

The life of a sheriff’s son. Police files are always at my house!

At school, Mr. Branson pairs everyone up in sets of two to recreate a scene of their choosing from any film, TV show, novel, etc. Does he make up his lesson plans/assignments on the spot? Ezra Fitz would be upset with you, Mr. B. All paired up, Kieran and Emma plan to meet to work on the project. Well they would begin doing so, if Emma didn’t notice the Brandon James case files conveniently at Kieran’s place. Clues to the Killer perhaps? Within the files the name ‘Daisy’ is mentioned, and Emma’s Mom’s connection to the murder finally makes sense to her. I gotta give the writers props for doing their best to involve the adults on the show (not including Mr. Branson). It’s refreshing to see Emma find out about her Mom’s past and instantly confront her about it and come forward about her creepy texts. I feel like in most shows all of this information is withheld until at least halfway through a season.

Things are getting hot and heavy for another set of partners, Riley and Noah. That is, until “Tyler” texts Riley an S.O.S., which leads to the girls (Emma, Riley, and Brooke) eventually deciding to involve the cops. Sorry Noah, your alone time with Riley will come soon. Or will it?

It’s at this moment that the Killer decides to play a little game with Emma. Choose: The Good Girl, Riley; or the Bad Girl, Brooke. Emma refuses to participate. But when your friend’s lives are at stake, I’d say be a little more proactive, Emma. The cops try and track down Tyler (who’s been dead for at least a week now), Brooke secretly heads to her hotel room for a potential hookup with Mr. B (nothing happens), and Riley waits alone in the police station, once Brooke’s absence has been made known.

Scream S1E3- "Wanna Play A Game?"

Your hair looks sexy pushed back, Kieran.

Having no idea where Brooke could be, Emma and Mrs. Duvall’s search party for her leads them to numerous dead ends. With Brooke M.I.A. and Riley at the police station, Emma responds to the Killer with, “Please don’t hurt Brooke.” “As you wish,” they respond.

Yep, she accidentally chose Riley. Riley receives a text from Tyler to meet her out back, and trusting him with her own life, she does so. Once outside, it doesn’t take long for Riley to figure out her mistake. As she tries to run from Ghostface (this includes climbing onto the station’s roof), she is stabbed in the back. Noah is the first person she thinks to call. Clearly the two are frantic. Noah repeatedly asks where she is, who’s with her, etc., and Riley doesn’t have much time left due to her stab wound. Before Noah (and the audience) knows it, Riley utters her last words, “I see our stars,” and is another one of the Killer’s victims.

“I didn’t mean to choose,” Emma yells as she witnesses Riley’s body.

What did you guys think of 1.03: “Wanna Play a Game?” Were you shocked at Riley’s death or did you see it coming? I personally saw it coming (thanks to the many trailers/promos MTV has floating around), but I definitely thought it was going to occur more towards the end of the season.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra

Kelly’s Killer Suspects:

  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Kieran Wilcox
  • Will Belmont
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Seth Branson
  • Audrey Jensen: You are my favorite character on this show and I love you to bits and pieces, but where were you during Riley’s murder? Hmm, young lady?

Did this episode change any of your theories on who the Killer could be? I definitely don’t think Noah could have killed Riley. Obviously because he was on the phone with her, but he also had strong feelings for her. A few people have theories that Audrey and Noah are tag-teaming the murders, but why on earth would the two kill their significant others?

The next episode, 1.04: “Aftermath” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV.

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