Spencer MacPherson cast in upcoming season of ‘Reign’!

Anyone remember cute little Prince Charles in early episodes of Season 1? Well, he isn’t going to be as little come the third season of Reign.

Spencer MacPhersonSpencer MacPherson will portray a teenaged version of Charles in a season-long recurring role.

As the audience learned in the Season 2 finale, Francis is slowly dying. So with that being said, how soon will Prince Charles take over as King? Probably sooner than the teenager thinks.

MacPherson is most known for his role on Degrassi as Hunter Hollingsworth.

The news doesn’t stop there. Entertainment Weekly teased that Prince Charles will also be getting himself a love interest by the name of Constance. She’s “a beautiful and confident noble girl. She’s delightful, fun and breezy, but also challenging as she’s aware of her power over men,” Entertainment Weekly stated.

No word on who will portray Constance yet.

With this casting news, it’s obvious that a lot of time has gone by on the show (given that when we last saw Charles, he was 7). Since there seems to be an obvious time jump, I wonder what else has changed throughout the French court.

Thoughts on this casting news? Since Charles is now at least 13, does that put Mary and company in their 20’s?!


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