SDCC 2015: The ‘iZombie’ cast and producers spill the brains on Season 2!

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Every panel a TV show or film does at various cons, are always so unique. You never know what the audience will ask the cast and producers or what spoilers will be revealed. Needless to say, iZombie‘s panel at this year’s San Diego ComicCon was incredibly fun and entertaining.

iZombie @ SDCC 2015At the very beginning of the panel, they reveal the iZombie Comic-Con Sizzle Promo; basically a season 1 recap to gear us all up for the upcoming season. The video can be viewed below.

Once the video is over, the cast and producers begin entering the room and sitting at their assigned seat, one by one. The usual crew assembles: Robert Buckley, David Anders, Rose McIver, etc. But within the first few minutes of the panel, we have our first big announcement for Season 2!

The lovely Alyson Michalka Ringer (she got married in early June. Congrats girl!), will return for Season 2! And lo and behold the assistant district attorney herself is there in the flesh to partake in the panel! The crowd goes wild and we are even more excited for season 2, which we didn’t think was possible.

Throughout the panel itself, the cast and producers talked about several different topics. Like, the favorite things about their characters, Rose’s hardest brain to have to portray (the gamer), and how everyone pretty much hates Liv right now when the show returns.

Since panels/Q+A’s are usually filled with so much information in a single hour, I’ve included the most note-worthy moments from the panel in bullet point format. To keep things simple and what not.

  • Rose teased that she will be getting her guitar back out. Could this be a brain that sings?
  • Last season, the Max Ranger gang were working on both Super Max and how to get rid of Seattle’s zombie problem. Rob Thomas stated that this will be a big story-line for Season 2. Blaine and Liv will have to set aside their differences and team up.
  • Robert talks about Major’s epic killing of all the zombies on the show. Fun fact: it was exactly a year this week that Rob Thomas and himself first planned out Major’s arc.
  • Malcolm Goodwin is okay with Clive being in the dark for now.  He refers to Clive being the Lois Lane to Liv’s Clark Kent. “I like not knowing what’s going on.”
  • Clive just might be getting a love interest in season 2!
  • Rahul was questioned about the early season 1 theory of him being a were-terrier. He loved the idea (he’s nearly there himself with his beard), but other then the little mention via the avatar name, iZombie will continue to be a strictly zombie show.
  • iZombie @ SDCC 2015When asked what Aly Michalka Ringer would like to see from Peyton, she perfectly answered what the fans also want to! She wants the show to dive into Peyton’s life a part from Liv. What’s her personal life like? (Besides knowing that Liv’s a zombie)? Are Ravi and Peyton going to last in Season 2? For those wondering, the official ship name for those two is: Pavi.
  • Rose would love to eat the brain of a fellow New Zealander, so she could use her natural accent. Yes!
  • Producer Rob Thomas is known as “Hot Rob” while Robert Buckley is “Regular Rob”
  • In early drafts (and possibly in deleted scenes), it’s explained that Clive is so at ease with Liv being a psychic, because his great aunt was one as well! The real question is though: what will his reaction be when he finds out she’s also a zombie?

For the majority of the panel, the fans were asked the cast and producers questions. A select few were: “what brain would you eat if given the choice?”, “do your best New Zealand accent for Rose’s sake”, “would you rather be a zombie or die a human? (Everyone picked zombie aside from David Anders and producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright).

And the last and most brain-tastic news in regards to Season 2, are the brains producer Rob Thomas spilled during the panel. Ready? Episode 1: Grumpy Old Man Brain. Episode 2: Frat Boy Brain. Episode 3: Real House Wife of Seattle Brain.

Now that we have all of this new Season 2 information, any new predictions?

Also, check below for the iZombie Sizzle video and our photos from the panel!

Photo credit: Matt Wheeler

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iZombie returns to the CW in October.