SDCC 2015: Interviews with the Cast and Producers of ‘iZombie’

iZombie SDCC '15 Signing

San Diego Comic Con never fails to 1) draw in a huge crowd (both the fans and the cast/producers of several shows and films), and 2) reveal so many surprises/teasers during panels and interviews, it’s basically Christmas in July!

Everyone’s favorite “zom-com-rom-dram” (David Anders’ words, not ours) iZombie was one of the many shows in attendance last weekend. Oh, fun little tidbit: during his Nerd HQ panel, Joss Whedon mentioned his love for iZombie! Cue the fan-girl screaming from the iZombie cast.

We had the pleasure to chat with the cast and producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright again, and tried to get as much information about the upcoming season as they’d give us.

David Anders (Blaine DeBeers):

Everyone and their zombie significant other want to know how Blaine’s doing in Season 2. After all, he isn’t 100% an un-dead zombie anymore. While there is only so much David Anders can say, he did state that Blaine might be experiencing some side effects from the shot of tainted Utopium: “It’s not a perfect cure.” What do you think his side effects might be? ‘Bliv’ (Blaine and Liv) fans out there? They just might have to team up to deal with zombies/people even worse than Blaine. Do you think it’ll be a success or a major fail? I guess we’ll just have to find out.

Executive Producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright:

Diane Ruggerio-Wright is such a gem. She’s hilarious in telling what she can about Season 2. Apparently Season 2 is set three months later. How do you think Liv’s relationships with her friends and family will be by then? Will Evan survive?! Of course, the death of Lowell Tracy was mentioned. It’s always so hard when you have a character’s death already planned, but to actually go through with it? But I think we can all agree that Bradley James’ death amped up the show and reiterated that “no one is safe” vibe. Also, everyone! Let’s brainstorm who the “kind of new” female character is that Wright is talking about. And…go.

Rahul Kohli (Ravi Chakrabart):

Rahul gushes over being known now at Comic Con and about the Ravi cosplayer he got to meet! What was also interesting was his preparation for Season 2. He personally chose not to dive right into reading the scripts until he’s fully on set and in character, which is really outstanding and completely understandable. Towards the end of the video, a wild!Rose McIver appears! He wasn’t spoiling anything, Rose! I swear!

Rose McIver (Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore):

Finally, the zombie queen herself! Rose briefly chatted with us and explained how she feels Liv’s relationships with her family and friends are going to go. This is, in my honest opinion, what most iZombie fans are worried about. Will Peyton be okay with the fact that Liv’s a zombie? Will Major find out that Ravi totally knew about Liv before him? Is Evan even alive anymore?

So many questions! Unfortunately, we have to wait until the Season 2 premiere on October 6th at 9/8c.

Keeping checking With An Accent, because we have photos and everything iZombie from their panel to be posted soon!