Supernatural Meets The Vampire Diaries at SDCC

Amazing things happen at San Diego Comic Con. Surprises guests, sneak peek, exciting announcements. The crossing of paths between some of the biggest (and cutest) genre stars in the business!

That’s just what happened when Hall H was the scene for a photo op of a crossover that needs to happen. Before their respective sessions on Sunday’s Comic Con, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and their CW kin Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries took time to dazzle us with some friendly smiles.

Now we know these brotherly pairs would be mortal (immortal) enemies if their lives intersected in the fictional world but come on! Who doesn’t want to see the Impala roll up into Mystic Falls?

Dear CW: These shows have been around for a long time. Let’s liven things up and send the Winchesters nose-to-nose with the Salvatore Brothers. This was made for a crossover. Or a spin-off. How about Supernatural Diaries? Sincerely, Fandom.

Check out the pics in the gallery below.