SDCC: ‘Scream’ Renewed for Season 2, Bella Thorne to Return, & More!

Every TV show or film always tries to save something special for the San Diego Comic Con each year. MTV’s newest hit show, Scream, fortunately had tons of awesome news to spill to the already heaping pile of fans. (What’s our fandom name? Screamers?)

Scream S1E1- "Pilot"

See you soon, Nina Patterson. In flashback form of course.

The show may only be on its third episode (airing July 14th), but that didn’t stop MTV from renewing it for a second season!

You can bet we’ll expect to see more deaths, more phone calls from GhostFace, and the mystery of Brandon James to continue to unfold.

I know the first season just started, but how do you think the second season will play out? Will Scream: The TV Series, save the majority of their current cast members from death? Or will an entirely different cast (aside from probably Emma Duvall) be formed for Season 2, similar to the film’s sequel. Just something to ponder.

During Friday’s panel for Scream, a few other tidbits for Season 1 were mentioned. Bella Thorne (GhostFace’s first victim, Nina Patterson), announced that you’ll still be seeing the former mean girl in upcoming episodes. How? Social media of course. Cause you know, when you post something on the internet, it’s there forever. “That’s immortality my darlings,” said another character on a show that was killed off early on and then seen in flashbacks: Alison Dilaurentis from Pretty Little Liars. 

Of course the identity of the killer was asked about. Funnily enough, among the entire cast and producers that were present, only 2 raised their hands: the producers, Jamie Paglia and Jill Blotevogel. Willa Fitzgerald (Emma Duvall) thinks she might have an idea of who it is. “I don’t trust anyone on this cast,” John Karna (Noah Foster) added. Fair enough.

This show is also a slasher, so who knows who’s already killed off. Producer Paglia said while looking at the cast, “You don’t know right now if any of these people might be dead.” Well, this is a slasher TV series.

The final bit of scream-worthy news is this killer Scream Season 1 trailer, exclusively released at Comic Con. (Pun intended by the way). The trailer can be viewed below.

How about that last scene? What does it mean?!

Love or hate the Scream TV Series? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments!

The next episode, 1.03: “Wanna Play a Game?” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV.

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