Scream, S1 E2- Hello, Emma

Scream S1E2- "Hello, Emma"

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” Or in this case, I should ask, “What’s your favorite scary TV show?”

Honesty time: I’m not a huge horror movie fan. It takes heaps of convincing for me to sit through the majority of them. But there are the select few that interested me and I ended up loving. Scream was one of them. Honesty time part two: I’ve only seen the first 2 films. So will I pick apart this series and know every reference the TV series is making from the films? Probably not. Will I continue to be intrigued (and already be in love with the characters) by the show’s mystery and GhostFace’s ways? Absolutely.

Scream S1E1- "Pilot"

Noah and Audrey, everyone’s favorite brotp (platonic relationship).

Throughout the majority of the pilot episode, we saw the negative effects Audrey and Rachel’s “face-sucking” video that was posted had on them. Being the bad-ass and sarcastic person that she is, Audrey can laugh off the rude comments. Rachel can not. Which brings us to the beginning of: 1.02: “Hello, Emma”. The video may have been taken down (thank god!), but the comments are still growing. After using self harm as a way to numb her pain (warning: this scene might be triggering/upsetting for some), she receives a call from Audrey.
Yeah, it isn’t Audrey. It’s GhostFace doing one hell of a job disguising their voice to sound like her lady friend. Unfortunately, I think you guys knew where this was headed. “Audrey” tells Rachel to head out to their spot only to throw a noose over her head and toss her off the second floor landing. Rest In Peace, Rachel. I think we can all agree that we had no feelings towards Nina’s death in the pilot. But we got to know Rachel and we knew how important she was to Audrey. This show is just going to continue making me sad with all these deaths, isn’t it?

At school, Emma forgives Brooke for knowing about Nina and Will’s (Emma’s should-be-ex-boyfriend-but-isn’t) fling. Well, she’s on probation. Emma asks her friends if they’ve received any odd calls lately. They of course say no, because who talks on the phone anymore? Later, while everyone is paying their respects at Nina’s memorial (or at least looking like they care), we meet the “Gail Weathers” persona of the Scream TV Series. Piper Shaw, famous for her “Autopsy of a Crime” podcasts. Of course Noah fangirls over Piper’s work (them both being “crime geeks” and all). When asked about Nina, Audrey doesn’t hesitate on calling Nina, “a stone cold bitch who got what she deserved.” Ouch, but true. Speaking of harsh words, Jake Fitzgerald (all around horrible person and Will’s best friend) runs up to Noah all furious accusing him of defacing his car with the word “doosh”. But Noah obviously knows how to spell, says everyone. He reveals to Audrey that the misspelling was supposed to put the blame on someone else, not point fingers at him! Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, the red mark on his forehead in the Pilot was paint, not blood. Phew.

Scream S1E2- "Hello, Emma"

Scream’s hopefully two ‘final girls’, Emma Duvall & Audrey Jensen

It doesn’t take long for word to get out about the death of a Catholic school girl. At George Washington High, everyone can use their cellphones at all times (even in front of the teacher in class), hence how word gets out. Immediately worried about Rachel, Audrey runs out of class to call her. Emma, feeling incredibly guilty about her part in the viral video, runs after her. Audrey gets Rachel’s Mom; Rachel was found hanging on her ceiling fan (meaning the killer moved her body to make it look like a suicide). Obviously, Emma had nothing to do with Rachel’s “suicide” (later ruled as murder judging by her broken neck), but she can’t help but feel horrible. But that’s not all she has to worry about.

Add the major jealousy vibes Will has between Kieran and Emma and her second encounter with the GhostFace killer. I’ll get to the latter in a minute. As potential “final girl” status, there are a lot of duties that come with it. Like, being scared half to death for the majority of the episode. Everyone always wants to know your business. Example: she kindly tells Piper Shaw that she will supply her with as much caffeine as she wants at the coffee shop she works at, if she respects Emma’s privacy.

Scream S1E2- "Hello, Emma"

Emma & Kieran. As the new loner boy in town, he is friend or foe?

We’ve only known for Emma Duvall for two episodes, but I definitely see the strong qualities she possesses. This is shown extremely well in the last scene of the episode. Sitting at home alone, her house’s security system alarm starts blaring, alerting that the kitchen door has been breached. Knowing that no one’s home but her, she worries, but assumes it must have been the wind. Someone from the security company immediately calls her, asking about the security breach. Similar to Rachel’s call from “Audrey”, the audience immediately knows that this is GhostFace. Supposedly police are on their way to the Duvall residence, but Emma would appreciate it if they could stay on the line until they arrive. Referencing the original Scream film, GhostFace tries to make conversation.

Once Emma mentions she’s just relaxing tonight and might watch some TV, they immediately want to know her favorite shows. She relays shows like, Game of Thrones and Scandal. After several minutes have passed with no sign of a police car, Emma begins to worry. But that’s nothing compared to what happens after Emma shuts and locks her windows. “What you should really be asking is, did you just lock me in…or out?” It’s at this point where it becomes almost certain to Emma that this mysterious caller is definitely more of a threat then she thought.

Has anyone tuned into the first couple episodes of Scream? Thoughts?

Since this is a slasher TV series (“You can’t do a slasher movie as a TV series.” Noah, yes you can!), I figured it’d be fun (and organized) to keep track of the sure to be ever-growing body count within Lakewood. Plus, my predictions of who the GhostFace Killer is.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill (yet everyone on the show seems to think he’s still alive, just M.I.A.)
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray

Kelly’s GhostFace Killer Suspects:

  • Sheriff Clark Hudson: The Sheriff could possibly be Brandon James’ brother?
  • Kieran Wilcox: Never trust the new loner boy that strolls into town.
  • Will Belmont: I don’t like you, nor trust you.
  • Jake Fitzgerald: Ditto.
  • Seth Branson: You’re seeing your student, that’s a big red flag in my books. (Scream, don’t romanticize student/teacher relationships. This is not Pretty Little Liars)
  • Noah Foster: As much as I adore you, you do have an extensive knowledge on Brandon James and horror movies in general.

Who do you think is GhostFace? Leave your theories in the comments.

Next episode, 1.03: “Wanna Play a Game?” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV. The trailer for it can be viewed below.

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