Watch a new clip from the Sherlock Christmas special

Baker Street Sherlock smallA clip from the highly-anticipated Sherlock Victorian-era Christmas special was unveiled at Comic-Con today. It shows the stars getting off a horse-drawn carriage at their flat on Baker Street and greeted by their landlady, Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs.) As in the books, Dr. Watson has published the accounts of their adventures, though in the clip Mrs. Hudson complains of her very limited role in these stories and insists that she is “not a plot device.”

The setting and costumes may have changed but even from this short glimpse, the special retains the same wit and humor we have come to expect from this series, as well as a whiff of being self-referential both to the original stories and the series itself.

Speaking at Comic-Con, Steven Moffat said this of the special:

“It’s still the same sense of humor, it’s still very much the show you know…But it’s in the ‘correct’ era, which was unbelievably thrilling.”

Moffat also revealed that the special will be receiving a limited cinema release. The announcement was also made on the show’s official Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: Steven Moffat has confirmed that the #Sherlock special will be shown in selected cinemas worldwide.”

Show producer Sue Vertue also commented that they aim to reduce the gap between the broadcast of  in the UK and in the US.

Check out the clip below: