The Walking Dead: Season Six Trailer!


walkingdeadheaderSan Diego Comic Con wouldn’t be the world’s best pop culture extravaganza without the debut of The Walking Dead season trailer! This fan favorite always brings the goods and leaves folks counting the days until the premiere!

Just so you can mark it on your calendar – season six debuts with a 90-minute episode on Sunday, Oct. 11 on AMC so before that, let’s take a moment to recap and revel in the glory that is The Walking Dead.

We last saw Rick and Company reunited in Alexandria but all is not well (is it ever?) – Morgan saved Daryl and Aaron and for his next trick?

He thinks he can take down Rick.

Uh oh! Who will stand with Rick? Who’s got a literal ax to grind? Who will Rick take down in order to stay on top? And we haven’t even gotten to the zombies… Check out The Walking Dead season six trailer!