Defiance, S3 Ep05 – History Rhymes

Last week’s episode, “Dead Air”, concluded with both Nolan and Irisa suffering traumatic seizures caused by their time in the stasis pod as well as their distant proximity from each other. In “History Rhymes” it’s up to Doc Yewl to figure out a way of helping these two, but their issues end up being worse than imagined. Additionally, “History Rhymes” furthers the relationship between Stahma and T’evgin as she tries to convince him of killing General Rahm Tak, all while her and Datak’s son Alak remains imprisoned in Rahm Tak’s camp.


Not what Nolan expected to see

Figuring out pretty fast that Nolan and Irisa have to be near each other in order to survive, Doc Yewl begins to work on the alien technology that was implanted in their heads during their time in the stasis pod. While he is figuring out a way to take care of this situation, we are treated to some very captivating scenes of both Nolan and Irisa’s past.

With their minds linked up, in a sense, Nolan and Irisa get to view events in their lives from before, during, and after the war. These scenes were great and helped in shaping the characters even more. We find out that Nolan had a sister who protected and died for him during the war, which turned out to be a very heartbreaking scene partially thanks Grant Bowler’s performance, as Nolan is forced to relive the tragic moment. We also find out that Nolan was a near-unforgivable jerk to Votan races after the war ended, literally using a near-dead Iranthient as a dart board, and Irisa once feared Nolan nearly driving her to kill him in his sleep. That’s something Nolan really didn’t appreciate finding out about, but the fact that she didn’t kill him allowed Irisa to remember that she never wanted to be a killer in the first place.

By the time it’s all said and done, and Doc Yewl has seemingly found the answer to their problem, Irisa and Nolan agree to go separate ways. Being so devoted against the act of killing, Irisa feels she has no place in Defiance and the possible battle that is to come. Unfortunately, while Doc Yewl saved their lives she could not remove the alien tech in their brains fully, which means the two of them are forced to stay near each other until the problem can be resolved. So much for parting ways.

The scenes involving Irisa and Nolan’s dilemma was the meat of “History Rhymes”, but the subplots still had a lot to offer. Stahma attempts to convince T’evgin to kill Rahm Tak, but being that T’evgin is one of the only two of his kind awake at the moment, he isn’t willing to make any potential sacrifices that may jeopardize the good of his race. Even though T’evgin isn’t serving a purpose in Stahma’s current situation, she still seems to be developing a real relationship with him. She even prevents Datak from attempting to assassinate him, which I’m sure Datak will voice his concerns with in next week’s episode.


Welcome home, Alak

Meanwhile, Alak is forced into chopping up dead human corpses for General Rahm Tak. These are some pretty brutal scenes despite the humans being already dead. I don’t remember Defiance being this gruesome in previous seasons. Alak is able to recover a knife from one of the bodies which he uses to turn on the guard that’s been ordered to watch him. He then escapes, nearly killing Rahm Tak in the process. I was actually very surprised about this scene. I didn’t expect Alak to get away so easily.

“History Rhymes” ended off on a pretty intense high note as Alak returns home to Defiance. Stahma, expecting her son to be happy to be home, is then threatened by her son since Christie was murdered by her hand in this season’s premiere. I’m not sure how Stahma is going to talk her way out of this one, but I highly doubt Alak will end up killing his own mother despite what he witnessed her do.

Altogether, “History Rhymes” was a great episode and made up for the bad taste left in my mouth after last week’s episode. As the story continues and the threat of the Votanis Collective looms over Defiance, I’m sure we’ll be in for an intense season finale when the time comes. While I always enjoy any screen time involving the complexities of the Tarr family, this episode’s high points were the flashback sequences with Nolan and Irisa. Now, I’m just left wondering if that piece Kindzi took from Doc Yewl will have any pay off for the overall story in the near future.

Next week the secret’s out as Stahma and Datak are revealed as the ones who have been sabotaging Defiance and blew up the arch. Check out the promo for “Where the Apples Fell” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “History Rhymes” in the comments.

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