MTV’s ‘Scream: The TV Series’ Cast and Crew Spill the Gory Details of the Show

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Carlson Young in 'Scream'

Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox in Scream: The TV Series
(Credit: MTV)

The latest highly anticipated television show, Scream, aired on Tuesday June 30th and whether you loved it or hated it, the premiere certainly created loads of hype throughout the internet.

Now with the pilot episode out of the way, and all the main characters introduced (including the new Ghostface killer), many people are wanting all the juicy details for how this upcoming season will play out. The cast and crew of the thriller show gave E! News the scoop.

Executive producer Jaime Paglia assures us that, “a major revelation about the killer’s identity by the end of season one,” will occur. It’s also important to note that every character could be a suspect. “We’re digging into everyone, so it’s not so much of a whodunit as much as getting to know and love these characters and praying they’re not doing these terrible things,” other executive producer, Jill Blotevogel, noted.

John Karna in 'Scream'

John Karna as Noah Foster in Scream: The TV Series
(Credit: MTV)

And unlike another popular horror-based show, American Horror Story, Scream is not going to be an anthology series. All the events that occur in the season one finale will pick up in season two. Does that mean we won’t find out who the killer is for seasons to come? Seems like it.

The cast has revealed that even they don’t know the identity of the Ghostface! “You’ll see that as the show goes on, everyone has secrets, everyone is lying. So don’t expect to have it all figured out at the start,” said John Karna (who plays horror movie extraordinaire, Noah Foster).

According to Carlson Young, who plays rich mean girl Brooke Maddox, the potential suspect(s) will change weekly. So just when we think we’ve checked someone off the suspect list, another person gets added. Even Willa Fitzgerald’s character, Emma Duvall (who’s probably giving people some serious Sidney Prescott vibes), could have committed the murders.

Willa Fitzgerald in 'Scream'

Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duvall in Scream: The TV Series
(Credit: MTV)

Don’t expect the deaths to be glossed over or lacking of blood just because it’s on MTV. “A lot of the deaths are truly dark and horrifying and twisted. Prepare yourself, because we are not holding back,” Fitzgerald adds.

What did you guys think of the series premiere episode? Who do you think is the new Ghostface?

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