Interviews, Quotes & Photos from the Saturn Awards Red Carpet & Press Room

First things first – when we got a chance to chat with Ben Browder of Farscape on the Red Carpet of the 2015 Saturn Awards, we had just one question to ask:

“What have you heard about the Farscape movie?”

“Nothing. But you guys know before me!” says Ben. Here’s what we do know: There is a script penned by Justin Monjo. So far so good! Rockne S. O’Bannon (creator of Farscape) has seen it. Good signs right?

Ty Simpkins managed to steal some scenes from this summer’s mega-hit Jurassic World from Chris Pratt and some pretty rad dinosaurs. We asked for his secrets on the Red Carpet!

In the press room, lots of stars with lots to say. Here’s a round up for you!

Melissa McBride at the 2015 Saturn Awards

Melissa McBride at the 2015 Saturn Awards

The Walking Dead‘s Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series. She was delighted to win, and “this is where she wished her career was twenty years ago because the character is so inspiring.” Melissa revealed that Carol was originally just a bit part on the series but she has certainly grown the role of Carol – who elicits both support and derision – into someone the fans love.

Speaking of which – when asked what she’s a fan of, Melissa replied, “Well, I’m a fan of the fans!”

James Gunn at the 2015 Saturn Awards (Nice Cat Sweatshirt, James)

James Gunn at the 2015 Saturn Awards (Nice Cat Sweatshirt, James)

James Gunn enjoyed a productive evening – in his formal cat sweatshirt – Guardians of the Galaxy won four Saturn Awards – best director, best comic book film, best actor (he hilariously read Chris Pratt’s acceptance speech), and best makeup.

“It feels great,” to win two awards, but James’ best part of the evening? “Picking up Chris Pratt’s award!”

Gunn also talked about his current film, The Belko Experiment, which has been filming in Columbia.

When asked about the film, he called it “Amazing. One of the greatest experiences of my career.” He had high praise for the large ensemble cast (including Tony Goldwyn and John C. McKinley) – basically, he’s got us psyched for this thriller!

Richard Armitage with his award for Best Supporting Actor at the 2015 Saturn Awards

Richard Armitage with his award for Best Supporting Actor at the 2015 Saturn Awards

A fanatical Tolkien fan, Best Supporting Actor Winner Richard Armitage (The Hobbit Trilogy) relished the chance to bring those magical creatures – and beloved characters to life.

Richard thanked his fans for being so supportive. Their reward? Extended edition Hobbit movies released to Blu-Ray, with an extra six hours of movies to enjoy!

He also talked about his experience guesting on the recently cancelled Hannibal. Calling it a phenomenal experience, the role of Francis Dolarhyde – the Red Dragon – gave Richard the chance to delve into the fascinating character. He wrote diaries for the character – which he then shared with Bryan Fuller – and called it a “dark and strange place to be. But a really enjoyable one.”

Bryan Fuller was on hand to pick up Hannibal’s award for Best Network Television Series. He quipped it’s “wonderful to get the award – after our cancellation!”

Might this help Hannibal find another home? “Every little bit counts,” Bryan told the press (so keep tweeting, emailing and nominating Bryan Fuller for awards to help save the show!).

Dean Devlin and Noah Wylie at the 2015 Saturn Awards

Dean Devlin and Noah Wylie at the 2015 Saturn Awards

As for his next project, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, casting directors have been hired which means the search will shortly begin for the amazing characters of the much-anticipated adaptation.

Calling the best part of the award “having it be presented by this guy” – producer/director Dean Devlin – long time fan favorite Noah Wylie (Falling Skies, The Librarian movies, The Librarians) received the Artists Showcase Award for his body of work.

He is currently in his last season of Falling Skies while The Librarians will be coming back for a second season. Noah announced he’ll be acting in five episodes, as well as directing.

And where is he keeping his Saturn Award. “My son has more trophies than I do so I think I’ll put it on his trophy shelf!”

I guess talent runs in the family!

Photo Credit: Matt Wheeler

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