At the Saturn Awards with The Flash!

Saturn Awards 2015“Hey Grant – do you want to sing us a song?” someone called out in the 41st Saturn Awards press room. He also got a request to dance but turned down the reporters. Apparently Grant Gustin aka The Flash needed another drink before break dancing could begin. Duly noted for next time!

And that’s what you missed at the 2015 Saturn Awards!

“I was unemployed a year and a half ago” said a delighted Gustin, who was on hand to receive his first ever acting award for Breakthrough Performance. And when asked for the “truth” – Marvel or DC, The Flash star answered appropriately – “DC.” Whew! (As if anyone expected him to answer differently).

“My fans are awesome,” says the equally awesome Candice Patton (Iris West). When we chatted with her on the red carpet last week, Candice wasn’t sure what she was allowed to share, but she did give us some hints about “loyal, mourning” Iris in the much-anticipated second season.

So first things first – what’s up with Mama West?

“That’s obviously a big topic!” Is she dead? If she’s alive, then where is she? And most importantly – will we find out this season? “Hopefully this season,” says Patton, as she’s discussed the storyline with producer Andrew Kreisberg because she’s just as eager as we are to find out.

And as for destiny? Candice dishes a bit about an all-important topic: Westallen! Check out her thoughts below!

Andrew Kreisberg and Candice Patton at the 2015 Saturn Awards

Andrew Kreisberg and Candice Patton at the 2015 Saturn Awards

Andrew Kreisberg – producer of The Flash – when asked about teases for next seasons shared that they are adding “classic comic book characters” and that the series “picks up in a surprising way from where they left off last season.”

A “proud and humbled” Andrew was clearly delighted about the freshman series’ great success and is looking forward to how they can top themselves sophomore year!

Watch The Flash on the CW, returning October 6th.