New Trailer Released for ‘Hitman: Agent 47’

Based on the hit video game franchise and directed first time feature film director Aleksander Bach, Hitman: Agent 47 stars Zachary Quinto (Star Trek), Hannah Ware (Betrayal), and Homeland‘s Rupert Friend in the titular role. While the first trailer for Hitman, which came this passed February, seemingly depicted Agent 47 as the film’s antagonist, this new trailer shows Agent 47 as the hero of the film taking Ware’s Katia van Dees under his wing. Give it watch.

While this movie seems more promising than the last attempt at a Hitman film starring Timothy Olyphant, which currently holds a 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s still much to be skeptical of with this new attempt. Typically movies based on video games aren’t well received critically and Agent 47 doesn’t have the most experienced director behind it. That being said some of the action and visuals depicted in this trailer do look fun and while he’s seemingly not the lead, its good to see Zachary Quinto on screen. Hopefully fans of the video game franchise will find something they like out of this.

Hitman: Agent 47 arrives in U.S. theaters August 21. Feel free to let us know what you think about the trailer in the comments below.