Orphan Black, S3 Ep10 – History Yet To Be Written

It really doesn’t feel like it’s been ten weeks already, yet here we are with the Orphan Black season finale. This week’s episode gave us some answers, a ton more questions, and at least a few moments that left me feeling like Kendall – “I don’t know what the hell is going on!”

Everyone made it home safe from London, and Art’s back in the loop, showing Felix and Sarah the empty warehouse he’s found for them to use as a hideout. Scott is already setting up some kind of clean room tent, and S leads in Kendall, who’s wearing a body length white suit to prevent any of her DNA from spreading.

Sarah makes a deal with FerdinandFerdinand is also back, and meeting with Delphine; he wants the original so he can return it to Topside and reap the rewards for himself. He tells Delphine all he found in London was “a council house burned to the ground.” And I have to admit – I’m a little confused here. He was following Sarah and Felix in London, he killed Kassov shortly after he dropped the two of them off at the council house. I’d assumed Ferdinand was in the strange car Felix was afraid of. If he was right there, why didn’t he make a move then, instead of waiting for everyone to fly back home?

But anyway, Sarah walks out and offers Ferdinand one chance at a deal: She won’t hand over Kendall, but she will hand over biological samples, if Ferdinand will help them take out Castor in exchange. This would allow Topside to reproduce their cloning trials, but as far as Sarah is concerned, they’re the lesser of two evils.

As Ferdinand still thinks Rachel is dead, Delphine asks Dr. Nealon to have the unconscious “Rachel” moved to a private facility, so she won’t be found when Ferdinand goes poking around. But when Delphine is left alone with Krystal, she suddenly wakes up and immediately freaks out over where she is and why she’s seemingly blind in one eye. I’m relieved that Krystal’s alive and still has both eyes, but I wouldn’t have minded an explanation for why she just woke up. I guess Dr. Nealon miscalculated whatever drugs he gave her to knock her out?

Once she realizes it’s Krystal that they’ve been keeping at Dyad, it doesn’t take Delphine long to find out that Dr. Nealon flew Rachel to Austria using Krystal’s identity. When she confronts him about this, he shows Delphine a live video feed of Rachel, who is alone in an unknown location, and asking aloud who is keeping her there. “Topside pursues its profits,” Dr. Nealon explains to Delphine, “the military pursues its weapons, and we steer it all from within.” Surprise – he’s Neolution! And he says they’ve been controlling everything in the experiments since day one. When Delphine’s not receptive to his offer to join them, he pins her to a table, with blood and a freakin’ worm coming out of his mouth. Thankfully, Delphine is able to pull out her concealed gun and shoot him, but as he dies he warns her she won’t live ‘til morning.

Helena and Rudy face off in the Hendrix's garageMeanwhile, Alison’s making the rounds on voting day, Cosima has been coaxing Kendall into giving her blood samples, Sarah and Felix tracked down Mark and Gracie for help against Coady, and Donnie reunited Helena with Jesse the tow truck driver. Rudy has been following Alison on Coady’s orders, but they were prepared for this: The campaign bus makes a stop by the Hendrix house, where Alison gets off and the bus continues on without her. When Rudy follows, he finds Helena waiting for him in the garage instead. “Prison rules,” she explains, as she tapes tools to her hands, “Only one of us leaves alive.” Rudy turns down her offer of tape as he pulls out his own knife, but tape or not, he never really stood a chance against Helena. Especially with his glitching getting worse, once Helena stabbed the screw driver clean through his arm, it was all downhill from there.

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