Orphan Black, S3 Ep9 – Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

In Orphan Black‘s penultimate episode of the season, the original is found, the mole is revealed, and we have another clone swap to add to the master list!

Mrs S singsFollowing the decoded clue from Rachel, Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S have made their way to S’ old neighborhood in London. Terry – a friend of S’ – is waiting for them and ready to help, and has already supplied a gun that S is planning on using on the Castor original. After some reminiscing about the old days, Terry is off to track down a name to go along with the prisoner’s number that Rachel decoded with the rest of the clue. As they wait for Terry to do his thing, S ends up singing at the bar with her old bandmates that have showed up; I’m torn between which I loved more: S’ singing or how joyfully amused Sarah and Felix were by the whole thing.

But that’s probably the last time we’ll see them smiling for a while. S realizes she’s missed a call from Terry, and he’s not picking up now, so the three of them head over to his place. Terry is tied to a chair and heavily injured, thanks to Ferdinand. Barely able to talk, he assures S that he didn’t tell Ferdinand anything, and whispers one last secret before he dies. Startled by whatever he said, S says they’ve lost their advantage and are going home, and tells Sarah and Felix to wait for her at the pub. Sarah, of course, has other plans, and she swipes Terry’s phone on their way out.

By calling a recently dialed number and pretending to be S, Sarah and Felix end up meeting with Kassov, who tracked down the prisoner’s info for Terry. He agrees to take them to the address on file for the prisoner, Kendall Malone.

Poor Felix is left outside to keep watch while Sarah enters Malone’s house, and so he misses out on the family reunion: Kendall isn’t a man as Sarah had assumed, but a woman, and S’ mother to boot. While serving time for killing John Sadler, Kendall met Duncan, who was testing the inmates to find a suitable donor. Turns out Kendall had absorbed her twin brother while in the womb, giving her two cell lines, making her Duncan’s choice as the original for Castor AND Leda! Anyone else immediately do some googling to learn more about the science behind having two cell lines?

Back across the pond, Helena has settled into life with the Hendrixes, which involves “helping” Gemma with her karate (by giving her eye gouging tips, of course), and dancing around and singing while making soap in the garage (I can’t decide whose performance I loved more, hers or S’), and helping Donnie clean up his face when she sees his injuries from his fight with Jason.

Helena gives Donnie his refundBecause of that fight, Pouchy no longer wants to do business with the Hendrixes, and wants his pills back. Donnie plans on handling the situation alone, until Helena learns that Pouchy is now in possession of her “babies” (the tank with her eggs). And getting between Helena and her babies is never a wise move – nor is threatening other people’s babies around her. Just don’t do it. Dressed as Alison (in what may be my new favorite clone swap), Helena reclaims her babies, secures a refund for Donnie that Pouchy hadn’t been willing to hand over, and (most likely) kills Pouchy and his team that was present. Helena gets stuff done.

The file on Shay that Delphine passed on to Cosima last week reveals that Shay is former military, and with that new knowledge Cosima is starting to suspect Shay of being the Castor mole. Cosima goes back to Delphine with her doubts, and Delphine takes it upon herself to handle the situation. But just like when Delphine questioned Rachel in the season premiere… I understand she has good intentions, but she needs to take a step back and take a good hard look at her actions. Threatening to cut Shay’s wrists and feet so she’ll bleed out in her own bathtub is not cool on any level – and I don’t doubt she would have followed through with that threat if Cosima hadn’t called to tell her Gracie was the mole.

Yup, in a twist I didn’t guess until just moments before it was revealed, Gracie has been the one passing on information to Castor. Castor told her that in exchange for her help, she could help save Mark and they could be together. After she apologizes to Cosima over the phone, we see her and Mark reunite. Honestly… I kind of forgot Mark was still alive. I guess with all the action at the end of episode 6, his status as alive or dead wasn’t high on my priority list – and Sarah referring to him in the past tense last week (“For what it’s worth, he was different from the rest of them”) didn’t help.

Basically all of my favorite quotes this week are tied to Helena, because Helena is awesome:

  • “Helena – we don’t do things like that anymore.” “Of course not. I am a mother now, I walk a different path.”
  • “What’s up with your voice?” “I have a cold.” “Yeah, it’s one of the really bad ones that messes with your… syntax.”
  • “Did you threaten babies? You should not threaten babies.”
  • “Helena, what did you do?” “I got refund. We should go now.”

Only one episode left of the season! Any ideas what they’ll do now that they’ve found the original? Whose singing did you prefer, S’ or Helena’s? And is anyone else worried about Felix, left alone outside with that strange car nearby? Let us know in the comments below!