iZombie, S1 E13- Blaine’s World

It feels like it was only yesterday that we were meeting our lovable zombie Liv Moore and her many brain tastings. With 12 episodes behind us, the season finale doesn’t disappoint in jam packing so many intense moments into a solid hour long drama.

Clive to Liv: "Someone's been putting a little snark in their step." Liv: "More like brain in my sandwich."

Clive to Liv: “Someone’s been putting a little snark in their step.”
Liv: “More like brain in my sandwich.”

The case of “who killed the teenagers” is still prevalent at the beginning of this episode, but with an addition to the body count. Teresa, who we last saw trying desperately to call 911 to save her life at the end of last week’s episode. With the help of Teresa’s brains, Liv and Clive try and track down who on earth would keep doing this to these teenagers. Fortunately for Liv, the only side effects from Teresa’s brain is that she’s much snarkier then her usual self. I found that a bit of a let down “brain consumption” wise, but given the fact that SO much happened towards the latter half of the episode, I’m letting it slide. More interesting/crazy brains can occur in season two!
The culprit behind the teen killings is all thanks to Cameron (“Called it!” I yell at my TV screen, while punching my fist in the air). Turns out the only real reason both Nate and Teresa were killed was because Cameron wanted to keep the wad of cash for himself. What wad of cash? The money that Max Rager provides the group of teens if they sell them back a thumb drive containing very important documents/secrets. Basically, the owner of Max Rager wants to create a brand new energy drink that may or may not turn you into a zombie. Yeah, that’s a marvelous idea. The only way I can see this working in our favor is if it causes a cure for zombie-ism to surface.

Speaking of, Liv is just about fed up with being a zombie. Like she ever wasn’t in the first place, but you get the idea. Her best friend Peyton is M.I.A (I miss you Peyton. Be in heaps of episodes in Season 2!). She has bags of astronaut brain in her apartment thanks to Major’s obsession with destroying Blaine and Meat Cute. The list and problems go on. Potential cure in hand – the new zombie rat-turned normal rat – she wants that to be her. She wants her old life back. But while this isn’t mentioned in the episode at all, if Liv were to magically become human once again, would she be the same person she was previously? It’s certainly something to think about.

Blaine: *sings* "I am warm and you are cold." Major: "There's always going to be an Eskimo standing in my way, isn't there?"

Blaine: *sings* “I am warm and you are cold.”
Major: “There’s always going to be an Eskimo standing in my way, isn’t there?”

In the beginning of “Blaine’s World”, Major isn’t have a grand time, either. Blaine has Major locked up in a walk-in freezer, until Major tells him the location of his precious astronaut brains. But Major won’t spill the beans, even if Blaine walks in with hot chocolate and brain soup. In fact, Major does quite the opposite. He strategically comes up with a plan to wipe out every zombie working employee at Meat Cute. Well, first he has to start a fire in the meat freezer, but still! Way to go!

Let’s just take a moment to discuss how epic Major was during this. I don’t know about you guys, but this was what really made the episode memorable and powerful for me. Throughout the majority of this season, Major has been obsessed with zombies and insisting on killing them. He does just that. How rewarding that must be for Major and Robert Buckley himself! Plus, he successfully knows how to kill a zombie! (*slow claps*) After killing just about every zombie in sight (yes, even Julian, the Candy Man), it’s down to just Blaine and Major. Blaine has more up his sleeve, like an unsuspecting gut stab, which causes Major to severely bleed out. Of course our Liv shows up just in the nick of time. Thinking that Blaine already killed Major anyway, after not receiving the real Major in an exchange for the astronaut brains, she isn’t too surprised about Major’s current state.

Quick on her feet, Liv scratches Major, thus turning him into a zombie and healing his severe wounds. Blaine doesn’t go home scot-free. He is now Ravi and Liv’s human guinea pig after she stabs him with one of the last remaining tainted utopima shots. The other later goes to Major. I repeat from earlier: SO much happened!

Clive, you're next in line to know about Liv's zombie-ness, I just know it!

Clive, you’re next in line to know about Liv’s zombie-ness, I just know it!

With Liv’s zombie-ism out of the bag (thanks Blaine!) to Major and with Max Rager’s secrets finally out in the open, everything is sunshine and rainbows from here on out? Think again. Remember how little brother Evan got a job at Meat Cute. Well his first (and obviously only) day at work lands him in critical condition once an explosion from Officer Suzuki (RIP) occurs within the restaurant. I don’t know why I thought Evan would totally be okay, even though he was clearly in the line of fire (shows how useful I’d be in dire situations).

Evan needs a blood transfusion in order to survive. From previous surgeries in the past, it’s common knowledge to the Moore family that Liv is a match. With blood donating comes zombie turning and that’s a sacrifice I don’t think Liv is willing to make.

That concludes the first season of iZombie. As to be expected, I have heaps of questions. Will Evan live? Is Blaine actually cured? (Doubt it) Does a zombie cure actually exist? Where is Peyton? And most importantly: what brains will Liv eat next?

What are your predictions as to how you think Season 2 will play out?

All of this and I’m sure more will be revealed come the second season of this un-dead show. The second season airs this fall on the CW at its usual time: Tuesdays at 9/8c!

Below is a lovely teaser that the iZombie folks released after the finale.

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