New Changes For Netflix Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Netflix has begun to gear up for their expected 2015 release of Marvel’s Jessica Jones with a new Facebook page, as well as changing the official name of the show by dropping the “AKA” and adding “Marvel.” The changes came within the past few days as Netflix changed the placeholder artwork to show the series as Marvel’s Jessica Jones, rather than AKA Jessica Jones as it previously had been. This change has the series title resembling what it has been referred to as on the official Netflix premier dates schedule, and that of Marvel’s Daredevil released earlier this year. No new updates have been made to the series’ premier date, as it is listed as a 2015/2016 premiere, despite the “coming 2015” listed on the series’ Netflix page.

Jessica Jones is still currently filming in New York City and expected to wrap within the next few weeks. Many fans expect a fall release, due to Marvel’s season one book that is set to release in November. The two hundred page volume promises to “go behind the scenes into the world that brings the story of Jessica Jones to life.” It assures to be jam packed with interviews, amazing photography, scripts, and the secret details that went into the creation of Jessica Jones. The extensive book is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones stems from Marvel’s comic book Aliaswhere the now ex-superhero Jessica Jones works as a private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen. While trying to run from her past, it seems to be the one constant that continues to encapsulate her no matter the situation. For Netflix’s series Kristen Ritter stars as Jessica Jones, with David Tennant set to play Kilgrave and Mike Colter taking the part of Luke Cage.