Orphan Black S3, Ep 8 – Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method

Orphan Black wastes no time at all introducing us to the newest Leda clone, Krystal Goderitch, who is doing Delphine’s nails and openly talking about her near-kidnapping experience with the “twins” she encountered. Despite her boyfriend’s recent death, she’s keeping a positive outlook: “As hard as it is, everything, losing Hector – you can’t crush the human spirit.” We soon learn from Delphine’s later conversation with Dr. Nealon that Hector was her monitor, and they already have candidates for her next one.

Cosima finally lets Sarah in on Duncan’s secret book, and Sarah has a talk with Rachel about it over a video call. With Delphine making her distrust of Rachel clear, Rachel believes Delphine plans to eliminate her, and wants her freedom in exchange for translating the book. Specifically, she wants a quiet life in Taiwan, and wants to use Krystal’s identity to cross the border.

It takes some arguing with S, who is concerned about destroying their alliance with Delphine, but soon Sarah and Felix are off to find Krystal. Once they arrive at the salon where she works, Sarah waits in the car and sends in Felix to grab her wallet, instructing him to make sure that Krystal stays in the dark, “We don’t need anyone else in Clone Club, and she doesn’t need this shit.” Felix strolls in and charms Krystal while adopting a Canadian accent, and before long she’s retelling her abduction story. (Side note – I’ve heard many interviews with Garvaris where he uses his natural accent, but it was still strange to hear it coming out of Felix!)

Felix meets KrystalFelix starts to trick her into revealing information about herself, but lets up and quickly switches to concern over her well-being. When he asks if she’s okay, we find out she’s not as naïve as she’d first seemed: She’s questioning why her boyfriends have been in two year rotations, and other details of her abduction that don’t make sense: “I just feel like I’m missing something really big.” It’s only Sarah in Felix’s ear that stops him from breaking and telling Krystal the truth. Suddenly my heart is breaking for Krystal being in the middle of this mess, trying to figure it out but missing so many pieces of the puzzle, and I’m way more attached to her than I thought I’d be. When Felix sneaks off to snatch her wallet, he also sees a small pink notebook with the Castor emblem on the cover – she’s not just suspicious, she’s investigating. Felix makes a quick exit, but not without leaving some final words for Krystal: “The only thing that you need to know is that you are one of a kind. You’re a survivor, Krystal. And you’re not alone.” And then I was tearing up right along with her.

Meanwhile, Cosima brought Shay to work to show her around the lab. Shay admires Scott’s games, and then picks up the copy of Doctor Moreau, which Cosima quickly grabs and passes on to Scott. That awkward moment leads to another with the arrival of Delphine, who wants to speak with Cosima about the sequencing issue with the European trials. After Shay leaves, Delphine tells Cosima that the European team failed, and another Leda clone has died. That cheery discussion is interrupted with more bad news – Scott calls Delphine to tell her that Rudy has stolen Duncan’s book.

Despite Delphine’s anger at them for keeping the secret, Cosima and Scott move forward with their plan to break Rachel out. Cosima presents her letter of resignation to Delphine while one of Scott’s gaming buddies, dressed as security, helps with the escape. Scott gets Rachel to S’s, where she begins to decode a secret copy of the book that Cosima and Scott had made:

In London town we all fell down, and Castor woke from slumber
Find the first, the beast, the curse, the original has a number

Before they can deduce what that might mean, Dr. Nealon and other men with guns burst through the front door, ready to take Rachel and the secret copy back to Dyad. The stress of the situation is too much for Rachel, who falls out of her chair while having a seizure.

Cosima talks to Delphine in her officeBack in Delphine’s office, it seemed like she and Cosima were taking small steps towards a reconciliation of sorts. Cosima tells her how she almost died, but she fought to come back for Delphine, and then they share a kiss. But when Nealon tells Delphine that Rachel is in a coma and may never recover, it’s another two steps back. Delphine accepts Cosima’s resignation, fires Scott, and hands Cosima a file on Shay before dismissing them both.

But wait! Rachel’s not actually in a coma – Nealon helped her escape abroad after all, and she’s being prepped for surgery for a prosthetic eye. And it’s actually a kidnapped Krystal that Nealon has bandaged up and in a coma at Dyad. You guys, I really, really hope Krystal makes it out of this alive somehow.

And there’s still the question of who is the mole that David Benchman, the man from Arlington, has inside Leda, that he told Coady about. While I’m still distrustful of Shay, having her be the mole is almost too obvious at this point. I do still think she’s hiding something (and as the promo for next week shows, she’s former military), but she’s not necessarily Castor.

Alison’s still trying to figure out what to do with the whole Jason kiss situation, but really the highlights of that section of storyline came from Helena: Helena playing with Gemma, Helena trying on Alison’s clothes, Helena asking Gracie to be an auntie to her baby. Helena has also recovered the canister with her eggs that she’d stashed away at Felix’s, and has now hidden them in the back room at Bubbles.

I’ve always loved Alison, but I’m annoyed with her right now with how she kissed Jason back when they met at the store to talk. Maybe finding Donnie knocked unconscious after he tried to defend their marriage to Jason will knock some sense into her? Here’s hoping.


  • “Thank you sestra Alison. Such beautiful clothes.”
  • “If we’re going to go road tripping to steal some poor clone’s identity, then I only have one demand: I get to choose the music.”
  • “My biggest fears are literally twins and clowns.” “Clones?” “Clones? Clowns.” “Clon – clowns!”
  • “Look darling, there’s only one thing that you need to know.” “What happened to your voice?” “Nothing. This is my truth voice.”

There’s only two episodes left of the season! Do you have any guesses on who the mole is? Predictions for what Sarah and the others will do once they’re in London? Were you as taken by Krystal as I was? Let us know in the comments!