iZombie, S1 E12- Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

iZombie S1E12- "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat"

With this being the episode leading up to the season finale, and it being the cast’s unanimous favorite episode, I could pretty much assume this episode was going to be epic. Little did I know how much this episode would leave me yearning for the season finale.

Remember the Max Rager guy that almost killed Liv on the boat in 1.10? Last we saw of him he was crawling out of the water with some serious scars on his face thanks to Liv. Well, as zombie Max Rager guy (name’s actually Sebastian Meyer) is experiencing his first few moments in his new un-dead lifestyle, a stolen car filled with a bunch of teenagers accidentally hits him. They think they’ve killed him and it’s all very much like I Know What You Did Last Summer. Little do they know, they just buried a zombie. In a matter of seconds, he’s springing up from the grave and attacking the cheerleader of the group, Kimber.

iZombie S1E12- "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat"

Liv: “Let me guess, Cameron. You’re the Freddie Prinze Jr. of the group?”

Two weeks later and we’re back in the current time of iZombie. Kimber’s many surely decomposed body parts are found. Ravi and Liv immediately realize it’s the doings of a zombie, what with quite a bit of Kimber’s brain matter missing. Highlight of the episode: Liv on cheer brain. She’s peppy, an excellent motivator to others, and is there for her friends no matter what. Like, can I have a copy of Liv on cheer brain? Her positive outlook on everything could do wonders for when I’m in a sluggish mood.

Not only do we see Liv take on Kimber’s brain, but when stoner teen, Nate, turns up dead, Liv eats his brain as well. Sure, the reasoning for the double brain episode is mainly to crack the “case of the week”, but I think it could just be that Rose McIver wants to be within the likes of Tatiana Maslany and play several “characters” each episode. I kid of course, but I must say that McIver flawlessly transitioned from one brain to the next with ease. I would love to see more of this in the future.

It isn’t until the drummer of the band, Teresa, meets with a sketch artist, does she know what specific zombie is responsible in these teen deaths. Actually, as Ravi points out, only Kimber’s death showed signs of a zombie attack. Seems anyone could have killed Nate, and later Teresa, as is revealed. My guess? A) Cameron is a zombie, and B) He doesn’t want the incident with the stolen car to leak out, so he’s just killing off all of his friends. The instant Liv sees the sketch, she knows she made a zombie. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Sebastian turned himself into a zombie by tasting your bloody wound (still gross). Liv, you just unfortunately happened to be a zombie.

iZombie S1E12- "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat"

“Health inspector, eh? Allow me to show you where I keep our brains.”

Meanwhile, Major has moved once step closer to learning more about Blaine’s brain company, Meat Cute. Like stepping into Meat Cute’s doors as a health inspector. He makes up a dumb excuse to Blaine and his employees that health inspections are two times a year and they buy it. That is, until Julian knows exactly who Blaine’s talking about when he rants about the health inspector. You guessed it: Blaine tracks Major down and ends up kidnapping our poor Major Lilywhite. Here I am thinking to myself, How did I begin to really feel for and care about Major’s safety/well being. I guess that’s what a solid and well constructed first season TV show will do to you.

Now, does Liv run into Sebastian? Yes. Is it at her home and does it involve Peyton? You bet. Liv comes home to find Peyton unconscious on the floor, with Sebastian waiting bright eyed in her kitchen. I mean, he’s cooked up some awesome spicy peppers (and probably added a touch of brains), so he’s got that going for him. He completely blames her for his recent transformation. Yes, Sebastian is supposed to be painted as the villain, but I can’t help but feel bad for the guy. He explains how he ventured to his Aunt Edna’s house, looking for the slightest bit of comfort and reassurance from the woman that’s practically raised him. She bangs her head open and he can’t help but devour her brains. Liv points out that she’s never hurt anyone she’s ever cared for. But has she ever been in that situation? Not that I can recall. Although this makes me want to see a flashback episode of a freshly turned zombie!Liv.

iZombie S1E12- "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat"

Welcome to Zombie Club, Peyton. Feel free to brag to Major that Liv told you first.

It’s clear that Sebastian wants to kill Liv for what she’s done to him. The two go full on zombie mode and fight each other using several kitchen utensils. It’s intense, engaging, and make me never want to have a food fight in my kitchen again. She thinks it’s all over once she’s stabbed Sebastian’s head with a knife. That’s the least of her worries as she sees Peyton, awake and standing before her. Peyton witnessed everything. Full on zombie mode, the killing, etc. It’s pretty clear Liv can’t escape this, so she tells her. “There are zombies in the world, Peyton. And I’m one of them.” I know I said I wanted ‘Livton’ scenes, but I did not see this coming. Was anyone as shocked as I was by Peyton finding out?
With all the gushy Livton scene we were getting throughout this episode (Peyton claiming she’d win a Olivia Moore game show, their plans of spin classes, etc.), I thought for sure Peyton was going to be killed off and that would be that.

By letting Peyton in on the zombie secrets, this will certainly further develop her relationship with both Ravi and Liv, and will sure add more to her character. I wanna see what Peyton will do with all of this new found knowledge. Kick some zombie ass? Help Ravi with his zombie rat experiments? Combine her zombie info and attorney skills and get Lieutenant Suzuki away from Blaine? The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Season 2 for Peyton’s zombie journey to begin (Alyson Michalka mentioned this would be the last we’d see of Peyton this season). What do you hope comes of Peyton? I just hope she returns to her apartment with Liv and the two have a serious heart to heart.

What did you guys think of 1.12: “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat”?

The season finale, 1.13: “Blaine’s World” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.