‘Defiance’ Season 3 Premieres June 12 on Syfy

Defiance is returning with a 2-hour season premiere on Friday, June 12 at 8/7C on Syfy. Taking place 7 months after the conclusion of last season, the Earth Republic has left the city of Defiance (formerly St. Louis), and the the Votanis Collective is taking over. Characters Nolan and Irisa, who were last seen frozen in a stasis pod under ground, have somehow made their way back to the surface to find that Defiance is a very different place from when they left it. Meanwhile, Datak, Stahma, and Rafe McCawley have teamed up to find their missing children who were kidnapped by Rafe’s ex-wife Pilar (Linda Hamilton) in last season’s finale.

Defiance‘s third season will see a new villain arise in the form of General Rahm Tak, the terrorist-like leader of the Votanis Collective who is hellbent on taking out humanity. Additionally, a new alien race known as the Omec will be introduced. According to Syfy’s season 3 sneak peek the Omec are the “apex predators of the Votanis System.” You can catch a glimpse of the Omec and their razor sharp teeth in Syfy’s recently released teaser below, along with some brief shots of Rahm Tak’s cruelty towards the humans of Defiance. Check it out and feel free to let us know what you think.


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