Orphan Black, S3 Ep7, Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

I mentioned last week how I wanted to see Alison more involved with her sisters, and this week finally delivered! Well, kind of. Alison still seems more concerned with the election and her new business endeavors than the Leda vs. Castor issues, but at least there’s more overlap than usual.

It’s a busy morning at the Hendrix household, full of last minute speech rehearsals, finalizing details for a drug deal, and continuing to monitor Alison’s health to report to Dyad. So, you know, a fairly normal morning for them, all things considered. Also on the agenda is a stop at Bubbles, so Alison’s mother Connie can sign the final paperwork to sell her store. Of course, things don’t go as planned, with Connie requesting some time to read the documents and check for mistakes.

Cosima’s relaxing morning with Shay is interrupted with Delphine shows up at the front door. She’s been testing Leda subjects for the misfolded protein, and she’s worried about Cosima’s numbers and wants a new urine sample for further analysis. As Cosima argues with Delphine, Shay eavesdrops from the bathroom, and for some reason I still don’t trust her.

Alison goes to the candidates mixerBack to the Hendrixes, Donnie drives off with Jason to buy some drugs while Alison attends the candidates mixer, with her campaign manager Felix by her side. Alison and Felix has always been one of my favorite friendships, so it was fun to see them together again. It only takes a few minutes for a string of problems to arise: The envelope Donnie hands over for the drugs contains the signatures Alison must turn in to be eligible to run, Connie calls claiming she’s having a heart attack, and Cosima shows up at the school determined to get Alison’s pee. Donnie is held hostage by Pouchy while Jason goes to retrieve the money, Alison leaves the school to try to calm down her mother, and Cosima is roped in by Felix to stand in as Alison for the photo op. Clone swap!

Though they spent most of the episode apart this week, I really enjoyed the solidarity between Alison and Donnie that we saw, and how they each stood up for their marriage. Donnie’s “Not unless you come between me and my family,” to Jason even seemed to earn him some (unfortunately, temporary) respect from the drug dealer. And both of Alison’s big stands against her mother – the “nobody is good enough” speech and introducing Cosima as her clone – came after Connie insulted Donnie. Considering a life mixing politics and drug dealing is sure to continue to be very complicated, hopefully they’ll continue to have each other’s backs.

At least for today, the Hendrixes manage to get through the day unscathed. Pouchy gets his money just in time for Donnie to keep his nose, and despite Cosima giving Alison’s speech a very rough start, Alison manages to turn it around by talking about the importance of family. (I also loved how her speech overlapped with Sarah and Mrs. S talking, but more on them in a bit.) Jason even convinced Connie to sell the store, but he also thinks he kissed Alison, so that issue will probably have to be wrinkled out.

All of Cosima’s half-hearted attempts to fill in as Alison turn out to be for naught, as she leaves pee-less after Alison refused to cooperate (“We need Dyad for our health”). That night Cosima reveals to Shay that she’s sick, just before she starts to bleed heavily in the bathtub. Let Dyad help you, Cosima. I know Scott’s working on that book, but more help is never a bad thing.

Scott spent the day teaching Rachel how to play Agricola, a medieval farm building board game (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type…). Just hours earlier he’d told Cosima that Rachel scared him, but he stood firm once they were alone together, insisting that they actually play to maintain their cover while Rachel began to decode her father’s book. Whatever the book says, Rachel says she’ll only tell Sarah.

Sarah and Helena in MexicoSarah had it easy this week – very well deserved, after everything she’s been through – spending the episode in a cantina in Mexico with Helena. They believe they’re waiting for Mrs. S’s friend to show up with papers to help them cross the border, but S shows up herself. Perfect timing, considering Helena had just claimed she’d kill S for betraying her.

Helena and S are left alone while Sarah takes the bartender up on her offer of a shower. After she finishes eating, Helena’s ready to fight, but S refuses to. Helana goads her on, punching S three times in the face before S hits back once – and then immediately apologizes and holds Helena in a fierce hug. Helena’s struggling slowly subsides as S continues to try to comfort her: “Helena, it’s okay. You’re with family now.” Sarah returns to find Mrs. S bruised and bleeding, but hopeful about her future relationship with Helena.

And again, I really love how they combined Alison’s speech about family with Sarah and S’s quiet conversation as they catch up. I think those scenes may have been my favorite part of the episode, and Sarah calling S “Mum” for (what I believe was) the first time further emphasizes the importance of the family that they’ve made together.


  • “Una cerveza y agua. How do you say food?” “Food”
  • “Cosima needs my pee.” “What do you mean she needs your pee, what for?” “I dunno, science?”
  • “Holy freaking Christmas cake.”
  • “Pouchy, as in the crime lord that cut off Vic’s finger.” “Maybe.” “There are not two Pouchys darling.”

After the heavy events from last week, this was a fun episode that let us relax a bit before heading into the final three of the season. Let us know what you thought in the comments below!