iZombie, S1 E11- Astroburger

iZombie S1E11- "Astroburger"

Just when you think you know all the goings on of iZombie, and think you know everything that’s to come, you don’t. Like at all. This episode, 1.11: “Astroburger”, completely floored me (in a good way) and let us viewers know that not everything is as it seems.

Remember Scott E from last episode? Well, as many would have guessed, both Scott E and Major have become quite close in the mental hospital. Not only do they talk about seeing zombies, but they play chess everyday. Unfortunately, not every day anymore. Scott E never turns up, so Major heads towards his room to go looking for him. He doesn’t expect to find Scott E dead in a bathtub, his wrists slit and water red from the blood. The look upon Major’s face as he discovers the body is heart wrenching. Surely someone else could have found him. But, let’s take this as a blessing in disguise ’cause Major is getting one step closer to be involved in the “I Know Zombies” Gang.

iZombie S1E11- "Astroburger"

Major: “Zombies?”
Clive: “It’s all in your head. Go back to the hospital.”

With a dead body comes the Seattle police, Ravi and Liv not too far behind. Scott E’s death is proclaimed a suicide instantly. But Ravi uses his doctor skills and explains that Scott E was given drugs prior to, concluding that his death was actually murder. But as Liv gets a real good start on the new case, Major has something he’d like to contribute. Zombies are real and Scott E has video footage of it. Gulp. Liv’s adorkable, “Zombies? Pffft” is too precious. Screw finding out who killed Scott E, Liv’s real mission this episode is finding that video (which I’ll get into in a little bit).

Since Scott E was known for hearing voices/things, that’s exactly what happens to Liv after consuming his brain. Her Hellfire Cheesy Puffs are speaking to her (the devil on the bag, not the cheesy puffs themselves), and hearing voices in her head, among other things. Trying to disregard that, she continues on her daily routines. Until Johnny Frost (Veronica Mars alum Daran Norris) enters the morgue, to inspect Scott E’s body. Boy is he a hoot! Daran’s portrayal of Johnny was my absolute favorite part of the episode. He can come back on this show whenever he wants. Anyway, Liv realizes that Johnny was Scott E’s contact in local TV and asks if he knows where a certain video containing zombies would be. He doesn’t know where that is, but he does know where he kept his secret stash. It’s a good thing that Liv has Johnny by her side because someone else wants that video footage: Blaine DeBeers. Well, that’s Liv’s fault for asking Blaine about it when he spontaneously showed up at the morgue.

iZombie S1E11- "Astroburger"

Is this real life or schizo brain?

The entire episode we see Liv and Johnny tag-teaming it up and it’s hilarious seeing Johnny down for anything. His insanely carefree attitude and need to spew out the weather every 15 minutes made me laugh every single time. Surprisingly, thanks to Johnny, Liv manages to track down Scott E’s phone. In a bag with heaps of other phones, in the inside of a toilet, at one of the orderlies’ apartments. The orderly later claims it was only those of the deceased that he was harboring, but it’s still creepy to me. The real killer ends up being the one that’s supposed to make him better in the first place! Doctor Larson, who Scott E referred to as the ‘Devil’ also was the mother of his child (which he was not a fan of).

Now I’ve reached the part in the recap/review to explain the moment(s) where every single iZombie fan stared at their TV screens in awe, with leftover brain spilling out of their mouths. There Liv is lounging on her couch with Johnny Frost, trying to crack open Scott E’s phone. Not knowing the combination, this could take a while. But Johnny won’t stop rambling, “63 degrees Fahrenheit, 23 Celsius”, which the weather is so not in Seattle. Cut to the live news, which is showing none other than the actual Johnny Frost. The man standing before Liv was nothing more than Scott E’s brain interacting with Liv as she tried to find his phone. 63-17 was the combination for the phone and so the video is played. As expected, a newly turned zombie!Liv is shown chowing on her first brain. It’s interesting to see in my opinion, but I’m sure gut wrenching for Liv’s eyes.

iZombie S1E11- "Astroburger"

Astronaut brain anyone?

Which brings me on the next brain hallucination. With Major checking himself out of hospital early, he ends up crashing a night or so at Liv’s (Ravi changed the locks and is shacking it up with Peyton as of late. More on that below because that was adorable and I squealed). Now during that night, Major may have asked Liv about zombies and the reasoning for their breakup, and she may have been completely honest. Yep, she busted open the can opener and opened the zombie can of worms! Or did she? With Johnny Frost being a product of Scott E’s brain, and the real Major having no memory of Liv confessing her zombie-ness (in fact he comes running in telling her zombies are real!) the night before. Some might find it as a giant tease or letdown that Liv didn’t actually end up confessing to Major about the ‘Z word’. But I personally found it as a great way to keep us fans on our toes. What did you guys think of this plot twist?

Other goings on in this episode included: Blaine managed to score some astronaut brain (I would like to know how please) and Major did some snooping (and stealing) on Meat Cute’s operations. Lastly, Ravi and Peyton are still in full swing and are the cutest (and easily underused) characters/couple on this show. My only criticism is that they need to use more of Peyton. She’s more then just a roommate/best friend for Liv and a love interest for Ravi. Give her her own storylines; let her thrive as a assistant district attorney or whatever else comes her way. Season 2 perhaps?

What are your thoughts on 1.11: “Astroburger”? Only 2 more episodes left this season!

The next episode of iZombie, 1.12: “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.