iZombie, S1 E10- Mr. Berserk

iZombie S1E10- "Mr. Berserk"

In any show, there’s always that one episode (or perhaps season) where a certain character or several are forced to react to a tragic event. This could be anything from a natural disaster killing a town, the breakup of a once solid couple, or the always heartbreaking: departure of a character. We may have only known Lowell Tracy (Bradley James) for 5 episodes, but I bet I’m not alone when saying that he was a vital character on this show. I can see how killing him off was necessary from a writer’s standpoint. As a casual viewer (more like huge analyst audience member): Why do you have to make Liv and myself feel so gosh darn sad?

This episode, 1.10: “Mr. Berserk”, begins with Liv getting questioned by a not-at-all-sensitive cop at the police station. Look at her face. Do those tears and shocked/trembling demeanor look like she could commit murder minutes ago? Apparently so to the cops. But, bless good ol’ zombie Suzuki enters the room explaining how Mr. Tracy clearly killed himself. A “Blaine killed someone” cover up at its finest. Liv is free to leave and I just want to give her one giant hug.

iZombie S1E10- "Mr. Berserk"

To sign the papers or not to sign? Eh, first I need a drink.

Unfortunately, she’s still on PTSD brain from last episode, so cue the many “Lowell dies” nightmares. She heads into work searching for a new brain to devour. Seeing Ravi immediately leap with concern as Liv entered the morgue made me happy and sad. My heart really went out to Liv in this episode, obviously. But it’s in this episode especially, where you truly feel the bond the two have for one another. Good news: Liv munches on a new brain. Bad news: It’s the journalist Major worked with, Rebecca Hinton, who also happens to be a raging alcoholic. This helps Liv, who could really use some distractions right now. Even worse news: Ravi explains to Liv that she has to decide whether or not they’re dubbing Lowell’s death as a suicide or not. Suicide = injustice for Lowell’s memory but frees the world from finding out about zombies. Murder = everyone finds out about zombies and Liv could end up dead, like Lowell.

iZombie S1E10- "Mr. Berserk"

“Writing in shorthand and drinking appeared to be Rebecca’s specialties.”

Throughout the episode, alcohol becomes Liv’s friend. She’s taking numerous amounts of shots, sneaking mini bottles of hard liquor in her purse, and certainly shocking those around her. Of course when brains are eaten, visions occur. After seeing Rebecca thrown down the stairs by an apparent robber, we embark on a case to find out exactly who committed the crime. It’s a lot more complicated than Liv or I ever thought possible.

Before her death, Rebecca was working on an already past due article on Jason Fry, a college student that killed several students in the school library a year ago. After speaking with Rebecca’s editor, and several people that were close with Jason, we learn the following: Jason was a little too good at debate for his teammates’ liking. They planned a harsh prank on him, making him think he killed someone. A few days later, while consuming heaps of Max Rager, he actually did murder people. The key words are: Max Rager.

Max Rager, a energy drink that for some odd reason causes sudden violent outbursts to occur from those that drink it. People that are practically model citizens/students to be precise. This leads us on somewhat of a wild goose chase to find out more information about this clearly horrible company. Of course our drunk little adorable Liv tracks down the head man in charge of Max Rager: Vaughn. He completely denies all speculations and evidence that his energy drinks cause any sort of insane behavior. He also claims that the supposed memo that’s floating around somewhere in Seattle is also an obvious fake. I don’t make to sound crass, but I instantly thought it was bull. And it is. Liv realizes that the only reason an alcoholic would even step foot in a crazy early morning Pilates class is if the source of the memo attended, too.

Meet Adele. She has the memo, but is too terrified to bring it to the media’s attention. She has good reason. Just as she leaves to go home and change after being convinced by Liv to step forward, her quick trip ends up taking longer than Liv expected. Heading out to the parking garage (you know something shady’s going to happen there!), Liv gets knocked out by the supposed good guy at the bar. The blow should have killed her, as we see it did Adele later. But in that moment, being a zombie has its perks. The good hot guy that Liv thought was on her side, ends up being a hit man working for Max Rager. Anyone see where this is going? Liv goes full on zombie mode on the dude, manages to toss him in the water and (*gulps*) cut him in half, via the boat’s blades on the motor. I’ve seen many a horrible death on the CW, but in my opinion, this takes the cake.

iZombie S1E10- "Mr. Berserk"

Major: I’m psychotic. I see people with strange red eyes.
Scotty: What you’re seeing are frickin’ zombies bro.

Stepping away from the main plot, Major is still hung up on killing the Candy Man, Julian. He speaks with Clive, who reiterates that a supposed dead man just doesn’t get up off the floor and walk away. Especially without leaving any trace of blood. Clive manages to find Julian himself and he claims that Major is in full on stalker mode with him. The only obvious option for Major seems to be a short break at a mental hospital. Major, Clive, and I think it’s a good idea. Major could seriously use some time, safe from zombies. Ravi thinks it’s time to come clean about the Z word.

It appears that it might be too little too late for Ravi and Liv to gently say anything to him. A fellow patient at the hospital explains to Major that he’s not crazy, he’s just seeing zombies.

With only three episodes left this season, I’m curious to know when “the talk” between Major and Liv will happen. I can see it now, “Major, I’m a zombie.”

What did you guys think of 1.10: “Mr. Berserk”? I still can’t get over the fact that 1) Lowell Tracy is donezo (I’ll miss your handsome face and accent) 2) How the hell the hit-man ended up surviving the killer blades of the boat? Like, you were cut in half (if not pieces). I don’t think zombie-ism (thanks to grossly licking Liv’s wound. Ew) let’s you live through that and 3) Why Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka) isn’t on this show more! I would have loved to see the scene where Peyton finds Liv asleep next to their toilet as she mentioned to Ravi. Who else is looking forward to more Ravi/Peyton moments? Next week’s episode is sure to be filled with them.

The next episode of iZombie, 1.11: “Astroburger” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

Judging from the title alone, I’d say Blaine is still on the hunt to get the astronaut’s brain his rich zombie client requested.