‘Shadowhunters’ casts Maxim Roy as Jocelyn Fray

Earlier this week (on Monday to be precise), it was revealed to us which actress was going to portray Clary’s mother, Jocelyn Fray, in the upcoming TV series Shadowhunters.

Maxim RoyCanadian actress Maxim Roy will be playing the recurring role of Jocelyn Fray.

Roy’s character knows all about being a shadowhunter and hunting demons, as that’s part of her past.

According to the official description of her character, Jocelyn is: “On the surface, Jocelyn leads a normal life running an antiquities store. We will learn, however, that she harbors many secrets about a past life, particularly her ties to an ancient group of supernatural beings known as Shadowhunters. In order to defend Clary from danger, Jocelyn transforms from single mom back into one of the most lethal Shadowhunters that ever lived.”

While, Jocelyn Fray may be considered a recurring character, she’s really the heart/premise of the entire series (both in book format and TV series). The whole reason Clary finds out she’s a shadowhunter is because her mother gets kidnapped. I’m excited to see the mother and daughter screen-time, we’re bound to get early on in the series.

Maxim’s previous film credits have been 19-2, ReGenesis, and Million Dollar Murder.

What do you guys think of Maxim Roy as Jocelyn Fray? Do you think she will don fiery locks to match Kat McNamara‘s in the TV series?

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