Reign, S2 E22- Burn

Reign S2E22- "Burn"

So we’re finally here. The Reign season two finale. Everything that you think couldn’t happen in this epic episode, does. Examples: Francis and Mary together again, Lola and her son missing, and Kenna’s – okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s (hopefully) quickly recap this season of the period drama show!

At the beginning of this season we saw the plague hit France, the introduction of Louis of Condé (Sean Teale), and Mary and Francis trying to figure out the proper way to rule the country they’ve been given. They face several obstacles within the first handful of episodes. Mary adjusting to the idea of Francis having a child with Lola, Mary trying to get pregnant herself (and miscarrying), and dealing with the backlash from the Protestants. Enter the ninth episode, 2.09: “Acts of War”. Within the episode, Mary was sexually assaulted by Protestants that tried to break in the castle and assassinate the king. The act was jarring, shocking for us viewers, and Adelaide Kane completely blew us away with her performance. Little did us Reigners know that by incorporating the sexual assault, it would dramatically change the tone of the show for many of us.

Reign became the Francis/Mary/Louis show from then on. Feeling uncomfortable with Francis (when he did nothing wrong but try and help her!) she clings to Louis and the two have a not-so-secret affair. Many (including myself) found this behavior from Mary completely out of character and I’m sure a lot of us wondered where on earth this show was going. But for those that were frustrated with the latter half of season two, the finale should put you at ease as we await the premiere of the third season.

The season finale, “Burn”, picks up where the following left off. Mary announcing she’s pregnant with Louis’ child. “Oh boy,” us Frary (Francis and Mary) fans mutter to ourselves. Mary also informs Louis of cannons that Francis is having sent over. Many people might have thought that Mary betrayed Francis/her reign as Queen once again to save Louis, but it was actually quite the opposite. The second she set foot on Louis’ campsite grounds, she had her own plan in mind; stop Louis what ever it takes. Distracting his guards with Greer’s ladies? Check. Lying to Louis, claiming that she’s pregnant? Done. Create a fake plague that oddly wipes out a lot of his men? Yep. Mary puts the finishing touches to her lovely work by…wait for it. Stabbing Louis in the stomach! Oh burn (pun intended)! Calm down, Louis lovers, he’s quite all right. He spends the majority of the episode lying on the ground, unconscious, and then later in jail – but he’s fine. “You needed to be stopped,” Mary says as tears run down her face and she clutches the bloody knife to her chest. Just when I (and I’m sure most of you Reign fans) were about to lose hope in seeing Mary’s fierce and strong demeanor we knew so well before, she carries out this plan all on her own. It’s kind of genius.

Reign S2E22- "Burn"

*sings after realizing Mary injured Louis* “Right from this moment when I met her, saw her. I said she’s gorgeous and I fell”

Meanwhile at the castle, Catherine is 100% convinced that Mary is up to something horrible. She’s filling Francis’ head with complete doubts and wondering just what on earth she’s doing. Francis certainly seems worried, but at the end of the day, he trusts his wife (too bad she hasn’t for this latter half of episodes, dude). Word gets out about Louis’ men being stricken with some “illness” as they start panicking towards the castle. Francis realizes that this leaves Louis’ campsite fairly untouched. But of course, when he finds Louis on the ground, unconscious, he’s stunned. He’s also confused. Mary could of had everything she wanted with Louis, why stab him? This is when Mary confesses her undying love for him. “I love you, Francis. I always have. Always.”

As a Francis/Mary shipper/fan, I want to squeal and cry with happy tears. As a writer and avid TV watcher who analyzes TV way too much, I’m a little confused. Mary, if you loved Francis all this time – why the hell did you start shackin’ up with Louis of Condé in the first place! Why lead the guy on like that? Was he just a casual boy toy to you? Reign writers, please bring this up in Season 3. Admit your mistakes with this story-line and we’ll call it a day.

Stepping back from the main plot in the season finale, let’s see how Kenna’s doing. Not very well. She watches her lover Renaude be hanged, which must have been absolutely traumatizing for her. But prior to dying, Renaude left Kenna with a warning in his final words. All of this Elizabeth vs. Mary mumbo-jumbo? For Elizabeth, it’s not political. It’s personal. After Renaude’s death, Kenna doesn’t waste time in finding another new mate. Or should I say old mate. She runs to Bash, claiming that seeing Bash with Delphine filled her with jealousy and returned her feelings towards her still-husband. The two leap into each other’s arms and run off into their chambers to “reconnect” with one another. It’s a lovely sight for us Kennash fans. But a couple of things end up standing in their way, one being Delphine.

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