iZombie, S1 E9- Patriot Brains

iZombie S1E9- "Patriot Brains"

In this episode of iZombie, Liv eats the brain of a sniper, which causes PTSD (brought on by the murdering visions courtesy of Blaine) and a mean case of adrenaline. Basically she’s a un-dead version of Helena from Orphan Black. But onto that a little later.

This episode resumes immediately after where “Dead Air” left off. After eating leftover brain scrambled eggs from Lowell’s, she has a vision of Blaine killing one of Major’s kids, Jerome! Not only that, but as she’s heading out, she sees Blaine heading towards Lowell’s apartment, brain bag in hand. Fortunately, Blaine doesn’t notice her as Liv sneakingly exits the elevator he’s about to enter as well. Unfortunately, Liv realizes that Lowell lied to her. He doesn’t get his brains himself; he’s buying them from Meat Cute (I still think that restaurant name is adorable)!

iZombie S1E9- "Patriot Brains"

Sniper!Liv is all, “What would Helena do?”

Not knowing what exactly to do with this information, she heads to work early. There we see Ravi recording his prognosis of his zombie rat bite. I’m just going to rip the band-aid on this one to spare you all the suspense. At the end of the episode, Ravi has no symptoms from the bite. He exclaims to Liv (who eventually ends up finding out) that perhaps it doesn’t work between different species.

While, Liv is explaining Blaine’s “meals on weals” program, a war veteran named Everett Adams is found dead on a paintball field. Who would use actual bullets at a paintball field? Someone that clearly wanted the man dead, that’s who. It doesn’t take long for Liv, Ravi and Clive to arrive on the scene. There they meet the kid Everett mentored, Harris. Judging by his facial expression and the fact that he’s mindlessly clicking his air rifle when the gang meet him has us wondering. Is this his way of coping with the death of his close friend or him reliving the murder he just committed?

One of the interesting aspects of this episode was how I personally had no idea who the culprit could be. At the beginning of each episode, I like to predict who the murder’s going to be; most times I’m totally right. This time? Everyone has some serious strong motive in my eyes. Harris could have idolized Everett a little too much. We learn through both Liv’s visions after eating Everett’s brain and just seeing the police and Liv talk to them (and the annoying neighbor) that Everett had quite the violent temper. As in, Everett’s ex-wife, Penny, had to chase the man out with a butcher knife! While the antics are a little extreme, I could understand Everett’s reasoning. After coming home from war, he suffered majorly from PTSD (which Liv conveniently acquired, too). Penny eventually left him after he refused to get help for his PTSD and remarried to a man named Sean. However, Everett still tried to act like a loving father to their daughter. But after you threaten your ex-wife’s new husband in front of your child, I think you lose the “Super Dad” title. Before I explain whodunit, let’s touch base on Major’s storyline for the episode.

iZombie S1E9- "Patriot Brains"

Ravi: *bats eyelashes* Video games, Major?
Major: “No can do. I’m on my own quest.”
Ravi: “What quest?”
Major: “Human brains and what someone could possibly want with them.”
Ravi: *gulps*

As we all suspected, he’s still not giving up this human brain business. Ravi tries to distract him by throwing a video game controller in his face, but that’s all it is- a mild distraction. Ravi catches Major’s laptop screen to feature a page on human brains. Major’s lame excuse is that he’s curious on the subject on an exercise standpoint.
He even takes what he’s read and tries it out on someone (a trainer I believe?) at the gym that he happens to know the “Candy Man” attends. When Major mentions he’d go so far as to eat brains to get buff, the man just thinks he’s nuts and swooshes him aside. Of course he spills about this “crazy brain eating man” to his fellow gym buddies. Who would be there but the Candy Man himself. Looks like someone’s taking a visit to Major and Ravi’s abode.
Good thing Major’s prepared. He’s purchased a gun and has watched Youtube videos on how to shoot a gun properly. We all have to thank Youtube you guys! If it weren’t for the many tutorials/videos we watch I’m sure we wouldn’t know how to do a lot of the intricate (and probably mostly useless) things in life. Candyman breaks into the Rajor household, but Major’s ready for him. Not hesitating in the slightest (okay, slight hesitation), he shoots the Candyman three times in the heart. Not knowing who to turn to but Clive, he calls him up. Both Clive and Major are shocked (Major more so) to find that there’s no body to be found. How could he just got up and walked away? That’s because he’s undead Major! Try shooting him in the brain next time.

iZombie S1E9- "Patriot Brains"

Major: “Brains?”
Gym Guy: “What!?”

The conclusion to Everett’s murderer ends up being quite surprising. After finding the bullet’s shell casing ways away from where the body’s found, they realize the perpetrator would have to be 15 feet in the air in order for the kill to occur. The police, Liv and Clive are all flabbergasted at the idea. That is until Clive shows a commercial (note: on Youtube!) of the company Sean’s employed to. Eufreighteze, a drone based delivery service. These babies can go anywhere with just the click of a button. Yes, even kill people! That’s right, all Sean had to do was set up the exact coordinates to where Everett would be and hit a button. Talk about easy murder.

Speaking of, (unfortunately) Liv wants to go on a killing mission herself. With the adrenaline and sniper-like qualities she’s acquired from the war veteran’s brain, she has a plan. Kill Blaine. This ends up being easier said then done. The plan is set. Lowell is going to invite Blaine over for dinner and to gush over music. Meanwhile, Liv will be perched high on the nearby rooftop getting the perfect aim to kill Blaine. I have to admit, it is kind of adorable seeing Blaine get so excited about music with Lowell. But as Lowell goes through his part of the plan (making nice with Blaine and giving Liv a good shot for Blaine), Liv ends up not being able to go through with it. Then, the scene occurs. Lowell looks up at Liv, places his hand over his not beating heart and mouths “I love you” to her. In that moment, every iZombie fan awed and knew exactly what was coming. Lowell grabs a grilling fork and tries to plunge it in Blaine’s brain. Weary of it, Blaine (who was on the phone) is one step ahead of him. He managed to only get stabbed in the arm by the fork. Blaine pulls out a gun and while why don’t physically see it, we hear him shoot Lowell in the brain. Judging by Liv’s frantic scream and cries (also Rahul’s tweet), I’d say Lowell Tracy is officially just plain dead. Liv is not going to live well after this? Too soon?

What did you guys think of 1.09: “Patriot Brains”?

The next episode, 1.10: “Mr. Berserk” airs Tuesday at 9/8c and it appears Liv’s going to drink the brain of an alcoholic. This should be fun, and just really sad. The trailer can be viewed below.

Oh and I have good news, iZombie fans! During the CW Upfronts the other day, the channel revealed that the second season is going to be airing this fall and not mid-season like we (okay probably just me) originally thought. New episodes will still air at its usual day and time slot, Tuesdays at 9/8c.

The CW also released a promo video featuring its various shows (iZombie is of course included) as a sort of “let’s get pumped for the new fall season” thing. That video can be viewed below.