‘Glee’ alum, Harry Shum Jr., cast as Magnus Bane in ‘Shadowhunters’

Mere hours after the reveal of Alan Van Sprang portraying Valentine in the upcoming ABC Family series, we got another casting announcement. For all you ‘Malec’ (Magnus and Alec) fans out there, this one’s mighty important.

Magnus Bane has been cast. I repeat, Magnus Bane has been cast.

Harry Shum Jr.Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr. is your new high warlock of Brooklyn.

According to the Shadowhunters’ official description of Magnus Bane he’s, “With eccentric style, he’s fierce, cunning and keeps his cards close to his chest. Though he looks like he’s in his 20s, he’s hundreds of years old – which makes him wiser and wary of others.”

While it isn’t stated, Shum Jr.’s character will most likely be recurring, like Valentine. This doesn’t mean he’ll hardly be in the 13 episode season. He plays a vital role in both the book series and I would assume the television adaptation as well.

Besides Glee, Harry Shum Jr.’s acting credits include: Revenge of the Green Dragons, Caper, and he is a judge in the competition show, Fake Off.

What do you guys think of the casting of Magnus Bane? This was my reaction when I found out. After finding out Alec Lightwood‘s actor (Matthew Daddario), I was dying to know who would be playing Magnus’ character.

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