CBS Delivers a First Look at ‘Supergirl’

While DC/Warner Bros. continues struggle in the movie department, they are currently striving with their television series. While NBC may have recently cancelled Constantine, shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham are still going strong, and Lucifer and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are on the way. Now yet another DC property heads to the small screen in the form of Supergirl, and CBS has just given fans a first look with a brand new near 7-minute trailer. Check it out.

The upcoming series produced by The Flash‘s Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, and Glee‘s Ali Adler will tell the story of Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman, played by Melissa Benoist. While Superman will soon appear in the dark and gritty Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, CBS’ Supergirl is anything but. This newly released trailer is very lighthearted, fun, and even cheesy in some moments, but also gives us a peek at some potentially amazing action sequences. From seeing Supergirl lift an airplane and safely guide it passed a bridge to taking the full force of an oncoming tractor-trailer, we can see how good the special effects will be.

The cast of characters include Calista Flockhart as Kara’s boss Cat Grant, Jeremy Jordan as her partner in crime Winslow Schott, Chyler Leigh as her sister Alex Danvers, David Harewood as CIA agent Hank Henshaw, and Mehcad Brooks as James “Jimmy” Olsen. This version of Jimmy Olsen is very different from versions we’ve seen before, as he is more of a suave beefcake. What hasn’t changed is Jimmy’s strong friendship with Superman which is referenced in the trailer.

The trailer implies that Supergirl will go up against other aliens with superhuman abilities. CIA agent Hank Henshaw, a DC character with deep roots in the Superman mythos, will most likely serve as a buffer between Supergirl and these new villains.

Overall, while the trailer has its fair share of cheesy moments, Supergirl looks like it will be a solid addition to DC’s slew of television series. If it does turn out to be good, hopefully we’ll even see her make her way on to Arrow, The Flash, or the upcoming spin-off, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. All these shows may be produced by the same team of Berlanti and Kreisberg, but considering Supergirl will air on CBS I wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting to see her make a CW appearance.

You can expect to see Supergirl fly onto the small screen this November 2015 on Mondays at 8PM, which unfortunately is the same time as Gotham on FOX (this is why we have DVRs).

Now, sound off! What do you think of the trailer for CBS’ Supergirl? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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