The Flash, S1 Ep22 – Rogue Air

Unlike previous episodes, “Rogue Air” begins with a chilling opening monologue by Harrison Wells. His words define who he has become as we realize he has lost literally everything and is doing whatever it takes to get it back. Furthering his mission to return home, Wells attempts to turn on the particle accelerator once again, which places all the meta-humans Team Flash have captured in peril.

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Captain Cold teams up with Team Flash

“Rogue Air” separates itself from other episodes as Barry, instead of saving innocent people from evil meta-humans, is saving those meta-humans. With the particle accelerator about to turn on, Barry’s plan is to transfer the meta-humans to Oliver Queen’s A.R.G.U.S. prison cell on Lian Yu. Joe attempts to get the CCPD’s help in assisting with the transfer, but is unsuccessful. This leads Barry to forming a alliance with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold.

There is a sense of desperation and urgency caused by the particle accelerator being turned on that forces Barry into working with Snart. Even though Barry gives Snart a good reason to help him, we know from the start that putting faith in Snart is a bad idea.

After agreeing to erase all traces of Snart’s criminal background, the team deciphers a means of transporting the meta-humans out of Central City. By the time the team safely makes their way back to Ferris Air, a double-cross ensues as the device preventing the meta-humans from using their powers mysteriously shuts down. What follows is a pretty fun showdown between Team Flash and multiple villains including Weather Wizard, The Mist, Peek-a-Boo, Rainbow Raider, and Deathbolt (Deathbolt was recently introduced in the Arrow episode, “Broken Arrow”).

By the end of the battle, Snart reveals himself as the one who sabotaged the operation with his sister’s help. His goal was to get more super villains on his side, except for Deathbolt, who he kills with his cold gun. Looking back at the operation, the team could have probably done this without Snart’s help, but seeing Barry briefly team up with a villain was still entertaining. Although the outcome was negative, it will be fun seeing Barry take on a team of super villains now that multiple ones are back out on the streets. Hopefully Barry learned his lesson never to trust a super villain again.

As the majority of “Rogue Air” deals with the attempted transportation of evil meta-humans, the Reverse-Flash story-line is pushed to the side until later. We never find out what will be accomplished from turning on the particle accelerator, but we can assume it will assist in Wells returning back to his time. When the accelerator does finally turn on, Wells returns to S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry is ready and willing to take him on alone. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to as both Arrow and Firestorm pop out of nowhere to assist.

The climatic battle between these three heroes and the Reverse-Flash is definitely epic in scale and all three heroes add something different to the table that assists in bringing the Reverse-Flash down. Even Ollie has specially designed Arrows from Ray Palmer that cancel out the Reverse-Flash’s speed. While the scene was fun and seeing them all take out the Reverse-Flash as a team was a huge relief, the sudden inclusion of Arrow and Firestorm really did come out of nowhere. Nothing in the episode leads to these two showing up. Unless I missed something, we never even see Barry pick up a phone and make a call. It’s like they just sensed that there was trouble. Also, when does this episode take place in relation to Arrow? Considering what Ollie is going through in Nanda Parbat, how did he find time to make his way to Central City to have a five minute battle with the Reverse-Flash? All that being said, it was still an awesome team-up.

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The CW’s Justice League

“Rogue Time” also dealt with the relationship between Eddie and Iris after Eddie is found and rescued from the particle accelerator. In last week’s episode, “Grodd Lives”, Wells revealed to Eddie that not only was he a distant relative, but that Iris would marry Barry in the future. While Iris doesn’t want to leave the fate of her’s and Eddie’s relationship up to some possibly, purposefully misleading words from Wells, Eddie decides to call the engagement off and by the end of the episode it looks like it really is. In one way this is a relief as it gets rid of the love triangle element on The Flash, but it’s still sad to see that Eddie is no longer in the picture.

Overall, “Rogue Time” was a satisfying penultimate episode. While the team-up between The Flash and Captain Cold wasn’t the most logical of team-ups it still made for some fun story telling, and an outcome that will lead to some issues in season two. Barry learned that he can’t trust a villain next time around and that he is a different type of hero than Ollie, who has recently aligned himself with Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow. The final battle was a joy to see and it was nice to see Arrow hold his own against a meta-human as powerful as the Reverse-Flash. With the Reverse-Flash now captured, the only question is what are they going to do with him? Maybe we’ll see him in a Hannibal Lecter-type scenario where he is in a S.T.A.R. Labs prison cell for the entire second season. We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, a short mention of a Ferris Air test pilot who went missing is sure to have comic book fans screaming. That was clear reference to Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Green Lantern. Was this just another meaningless, yet fun, Easter Egg for fans or could the producers of Arrow and The Flash be gearing up to bring Green Lantern to the small screen in some capacity? Hopefully, it’s the latter.

Next week Barry will fulfill his destiny and make his way back to the past in an attempt to save his mother. Check out The CW’s official promo for “Fast Enough” below and feel free to let us know you thought about “Rogue Time” in the comments.

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