Reign, S2 E21- The Siege

Reign S2E21- "The Siege"

At the start of this episode of Reign, it’s been four week’s since Louis (Condé) disappeared and things aren’t exactly swell in the French royal court. Francis and Mary are clearly trying to keep their relationship at least professional, which, as a ‘Frary’ fan, it’s improvement. Of course Mary tries to apologize for her wrong doings over the past half of this season to Francis, but it isn’t exactly the right moment. It doesn’t help that Francis replies with, “Save your apologies. Your words have no meaning for me anymore.” Uh, harsh? They can get past this, right? Right?

Reign S2E21- "The Siege"

To annul or not to annul, that is the question.
Answer: Don’t do it!

Meanwhile, Kenna and Renaude have been getting to know each other quite well over these past few weeks. However, technically Kenna is still married to Bash. This must be fixed, I imagine Kenna thinking to herself. I’m thinking how this will be a horrible idea (I end up being correct).

As for Greer and Leith? Greer spots Leith in town and wants to apologize for her previous speech on “money/career vs. marriage”. Yeah, he’s been avoiding her over this time and I can’t blame him. I still can see Greer’s point of view, but you can have a marriage and still have a successful career. Look at any relationship in these modern ages. Leith makes it pretty clear as of right now he wants nothing to do with her. It’s sad, but I can see how it’s necessary for him. There is light/good times in Leith’s life currently, don’t worry. Since being upfront with Claude about true love and how he felt about Greer, etc., the two have gotten on quite well. It’s quite adorable actually. While out, Claude jokes with Leith how his lady-friend works at a brothel and their undeniable love for one another. Leith breaks the news that there isn’t much love between them at the moment. Claude drops the funny act and seems to be there for Leith then and throughout the whole episode. Later on, Leith even protects Claude from a strange figure in the tunnels. I’m saying this right now: Reign writers, do not ruin this budding friendship. Do they have chemistry? Absolutely. People of the opposite sex can be friends with each other. It automatically doesn’t equal, “Oh my god! They’re going to date!” Be careful with these two. We don’t want a repeat of Mary and Condé, do we?

Reign S2E21- "The Siege"

Mary, you shouldn’t have helped Louis all those times before. Now he wants to kill your husband to become king!

The main plot of this episode is Louis trying to overtake the castle so he can kill Francis and truly become a King. For starters, he’s captured Kenna’s current lover and royal guard, Renaude, to do his bidding with Queen Elizabeth or his son dies. Louis’ men are also quite successful in killing any of Francis’ men that come his way. A message gets out around the castle that Louis will siege the castle in search of Francis. Everyone makes plans to hightail it out of there. But first, I’ll quickly recap/review the events that went on in the château prior to.

We finally get confirmation that the woman in the woods Bash has been not-so-secretly meeting is Delphine, aka: the woman in white. She’s definitely into the relationship more, so then Bash. She predicts they’ll have children in the future, and Bash isn’t about that life. I would like to see him breaks things off with her, but it appears Delphine concocts some sort of binding spell to Bash so he can never leave her. Delphine, you should kindly change your name. I don’t want you associated with the same name as Orphan Black‘s Delphine. She’s actually French and a kick-ass scientist! Before Renaude gets captured and Kenna sees the traitor in him, the couple meet Bash and Delphine. Kenna is happy that Bash has found someone just like she has (you wouldn’t be saying that if you really got to know her, Kenna dear). It’s then that she asks for an annulment from Bash. All this time, Bash has supported the idea of Kenna finding someone that wasn’t Bash and marrying them instead of Bash. When Kenna tells him she’s found “the one”, he doesn’t hesitate in granting her annulment. But given the change of events towards the end of “The Siege”, I’d say the annulment is a no-go.

Another couple has highs and lows as well. While on a date, Catherine gives Narcisse the gift he never knew he could get. Catherine has somehow managed to retrieve Narcisse’s favorite horse that he thought was killed in battle. The look on his face is that of a child’s. Seeing Catherine being nice to someone that’s not Francis is odd but refreshing. However, her happy!Catherine moment doesn’t last very long. A servant spots Lola and Narcisse getting too close for comfort, kissing one another goodbye as they part separate ways out of the castle. Hearing of this, of course, Catherine takes matter into her own hands. She has the kitchen staff make Narcisse a meal made out of Narcisse’s horse! How Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction of you, Cat. “While I may be cooped up in a castle, never forget my reach is far,” Catherine said earlier, prior to the horse killing.

Reign S2E21- "The Siege"

Mary: “I’m pregnant.”
Reign Fandom: “If she isn’t lying, I’m done.”

The siege of the castle begins after mostly everyone safely exits the castle. Mary and Kenna look down below at the battle below them and are disgusted at what they see. Arrows are flying left and right, swords are plunging into people’s chests (or decapitating heads). It’s a royal bloody mess. Francis doesn’t have nearly as many men as he anticipated. He’s tried to reach out to his contact in Spain, but of course Louis has intercepted each message. There’s no one to help Francis now. The only option at the moment? Surrender. He tells Mary that Louis still loves her (because of course he does).

Knowing what she has to do, Mary sneaks off by herself to visit Louis. She tells Louis of the surrendering that’s about to occur and something else. She’s pregnant…with his child. Gasps and I’m sure annoyance filled grunts could be heard from every Reign viewer now I bet. Who else is hoping that Mary is just using Louis’ admiration for her to save France and their reign? I sure do.

What did everyone think of 2.21: “The Siege”?

The Season 2 Finale, 2.22: “Burn” airs Thursday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.

All bow down to Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten)! May she hopefully save this show from the very overused Louis/Mary love affair.

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