Orphan Black, S3 Ep4, Newer Elements of Our Defense

I should have known better than to jump to conclusions last week when we didn’t see a body – Mark lives! I guess Bonnie had plans that required keeping him alive. While Bonnie leaves Mark in the corn to scope out Finch’s building and call in reinforcement, Sarah sneaks around to help Mark escape. I’m not sure exactly how they manage to get away – seeing as those guys Bonnie called in weren’t far behind, and Mark could barely walk – but they do and they find an abandoned house to hide out in.

3x04 sarah markMark insists no hospitals, or his people will find him (“hunting people is what we were trained for”), which leaves it up to Sarah to pull the bullet out of his leg. She agrees to help in exchange for information on his mission, and finds out that Mark and Gracie actually did find something of Johanssen’s. Mark passes out before he can tell Sarah exactly what they found, so she steals his motel key and heads off to look herself.

While Sarah tracks down the documents, Felix has dragged Cosima down to a bar with him and is trying to get her to sign up for a dating app. According to Felix, Cosima is pining over Delphine, and the only way to find what she’s really looking for is to put herself back out there. And just what is Cosima looking for? According to Felix, “The one who stays in your heart forever. No matter what.” My mind immediately jumped to the Orphan Black panel at WonderCon last month, when Jordan said that Felix has never been in love, and my heart broke just a little more.

Their bar night is interrupted by a call from Sarah, who has found the stolen documents and sends pictures to Cosima. From the notes they piece together that Johanssen was Duncan’s lab assistant, and he used the tissue samples of the Castor original to create another clone: a son. According to Cosima, if he was successful, “that child would have the exact same DNA as the Castor original.”

At first I was a little confused by this logic. If Johanssen cloned a son by using original Castor tissues, how is that son genetically any different than the rest of the Castor clones? But since the Castor glitch has been referred to as a “design flaw,” and we know that the Leda clones have had their DNA altered from the original (infertile by design, and adding in their barcodes), it would stand to reason that the Castor clones have had modifications as well – and it was one of those modifications that led to the glitching. So Johanssen’s son assumingly would be free of the glitching, as his DNA received no extra modifications.

Mark catches up to Sarah at the motel, and she tells him they’re now looking for this son. Turns out, Mark knows where he is: in a cemetary behind where the Johanssens used to live. Sarah digs while Mark keeps an eye on her with a gun – that is, he tries to keep an eye on her, but ends up passing out. Sarah has just pulled out the baby boy’s coffin when Rudy appears, and Sarah makes a run for it after whacking him with the shovel.

Orphan Black, 3x04, Rudy threatens SarahBut there’s not many places to hide, and it doesn’t take Rudy long to find her. Luckily for Sarah, Mark wakes back up and orders Rudy to stand down. Turns out not all clones are equal, and Mark is Rudy’s superior officer. Mark may have kept Sarah alive, but he’s not letting her go; they don’t leave loose ends. At least based on the trailer for next week, Sarah will soon be much closer to Helena!

Speaking of Helena, she caused trouble as only Helena can this week. And Pupok was back! After some prompting from Pupok to sneak around and look for an escape, Helena came across a medical testing area where another new Castor clone is strapped to a chair. Later, Helena breaks out of her cell using a key that she gnawed out of a bone (I initially thought she was chewing the bone to turn it into a weapon, but a key is so much cooler), and her curiosity brings her back to this new clone, Parsons.

Not only has he been left alone, strapped to the chair, but the top of his head has been sawed off, leaving his brain exposed. And he’s begging Helena to kill him. “I will make it go away,” Helena assures him. “No more pain, little one.” She hums softly (and I almost cry), then stabs him in the brain. Which, in retrospect, seems like the easiest way to kill him, but for some reason that’s not what I was expecting at all. In helping Parsons, Helena also gives up her window of opportunity to run away.

Orphan Black, 3x04, Alison and JasonAlison and Donnie’s new pharmaceutical career hits a bump when they’re told the pills they paid Ramon for weren’t actually his to sell; he’d been working on consignment, and now the big boss wants to meet with the Hendrixes. Actually, he just wants to meet with Alison – and he’s an ex-boyfriend of hers from high school. Alison uses their connection to help strike a deal and stay in business, but it’s wrapped up so easily that I’m sure there are still more problems ahead.

And Gracie with her “blessed child” has been welcomed back into her family, but really it’s the baby they care more about than Gracie. When Gracie miscarries and the child is lost, Bonnie tells her it’s punishment from God for betraying her family, and she’s no longer welcome to stay.

On that depressing note… Quotes!

  • “Hey, hey, hey, why are you sweatier than usual?”
  • “I’m not – I’m not putting my finger in your leg.”
  • “Oh my god. It’s hideous. It’s like you’ve been mounted by a llama.”
  • “Do you remember what happened the last time you had a gun in a car?”

For real though, does Donnie remember? I love how Alison said exactly what I’m sure most of us were thinking. Anyway, it’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the season already! Be sure to let us know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode!