‘Shadowhunters’ casts its Alec and Luke characters

The casting announcements for The Mortal Instruments‘ TV series, Shadowhunters, just keep on coming! Matthew DaddarioI’m not complaining.

On Friday, our Alec Lightwood and Luke Garroway were revealed!

Matthew Daddario will play Alec Lightwood. The brother to Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia), he’s also a shadowhunter like his sister and Jace Wayland. When introduced to Clary, he acts really protective of Jace. Well, that’s because he’s harboring romantic feelings for him that he can’t seem to shake. It’s okay Alec, you’ll find yourself a handsome young lad to adore soon that isn’t your adoptive brother.
Daddario’s previous credits include Delivery Man and When the Game Stands Tall.

Isaiah MustafaIsaiah Mustafa will protray Luke Garroway. An NYPD detective, he starts taking numerous cases surrounding supernatural murders. But don’t worry, it isn’t going to be one of those story-lines where the cop is human and finds out about the magical world around him. Luke is a former Shadowhunter and was romantically linked to Clary’s mother, Jocelyn. Because of his feelings towards Jocelyn, he feels the need to protect Clary from danger. Shouldn’t be hard because not only is he a detective, he’s a werewolf. Leader of a werewolf pack to be precise.

Mustafa’s previous roles have been in shows like Nikita and Selfie, but I’m sure most of you recognize him from those hilarious (and incredibly hot) Old Spice commercials. Here’s a question for you: Is Luke the Werewolf your Werewolf could smell like? (I’m going to be thinking about this every time I see him on screen, you know that right?)

What are your thoughts on the recent casting news? I think now all we need is characters like Jocelyn Fray, Magnus Bane, Hodge, and Valentine. The cast is coming together!

Matthew is perfect for Alec and I’m impatiently waiting for Magnus Bane’s actor to be announced for his character.

The only issue I have with Luke is the fact that they changed his career from book store owner to NYPD detective. But if they at least show his huge collection of books or Luke casually reading from time to time, I can swing with that.

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