iZombie, S1 E8- Dead Air

iZombie S1E8- "Dead Air"

And they say radio is dead. This episode of iZombie, deals with the death of a well loved sex + advice radio star. Okay, so maybe in this case, radio is dead. So let’s rewind just a tad to the beginning of the episode. The first scene? What at first seems like Liv getting quite the action downstairs (if you get where I’m going) from Lowell, we find out that it’s actually a foot massage she’s going gaga over. Well, they are both naked (Lowell must not own that many shirts), so clearly they got some “under the sheets” action. Major tries calling Liv from jail, which she ignores. Liv’s moved on, or at least is trying to, and in her eyes that means not dropping everything for Major. You’ll regret not answering the phone about 30 minutes into the episode, Liv.

iZombie S1E8- "Dead Air"

“Do you think a cute assistant district attorney would go for me?”

Don’t worry folks, Ravi’s been at Major’s side at the holding cell, trying with all his might to get Major out. Nothing the help of a cute assistant district attorney can’t speed up. Yep, Peyton.  I’d be lying if Ravi’s reaction to Peyton’s spit-fiery attitude didn’t have him practically at her beck and call. I would also mention this as a really adorable “meet cute“, but seeing how there’s a zombie steak house with the same name on this show…pass. Oh and Major looks like crap, thanks to a good beating from his fellow jail-mates. Ouch.

As Liv is heading into work, she listens to “Good. Morning. Sex”, the sex + radio show by Sasha. It’s then a caller by the name of “Cheated on Chatanogga” threatens to kill her because of Sasha’s affair with her husband. Sasha puts her hand on the mic to possibly want to say something privately to her crew, but instead she gets electrocuted by who knows how many watts. She dies immediately. How incredibly brutal. I immediately gasped when this happened. When Liv, Clive, and co. are at the radio station we’re introduced to our suspects: Jane, long-time friend and behind the scenes gal of the show, Kaley the assistant, and obnoxious and annoying radio show host, Chuck Burd. Whodunit? I’ll get to that in a minute.

iZombie S1E8- "Dead Air"

I’d date me if I could.

Once the body’s at the morgue, and Liv has consumed her daily brain fill, it’s time for her to partake in her favorite pastime this episode: listening to recordings of Sasha’s radio show. Technically she’s doing this for police business, but it isn’t hard to see that she’s obsessed with the former feisty host. It could be because she too starts wanting to fix people’s relationship problems and give her two cents every chance she gets (zombie side effects). When Ravi explains he met her roommate, Peyton, and is interested in asking her out, Liv gives him a harsher answer each time he asks. It gets to the point where these genius lines happen:
Liv: “She’s a lawyer who looks like a Victoria Secret’s model.”
Ravi: “I’m a tall doctor with fantastic hair and a British accent. I don’t even need to be this attractive. Just icing.”
Everyone should have Ravi’s self-esteem and witty banter.

While Liv is become Seattle’s zombie love guru, Major is doing some own detective work of his own. Not letting “the brain thing” go, he researches all about human brains to his heart’s content, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone’s going to find out about the undead by the end of the season. Do you think Major will eventually solve the mystery? Good news for you Livjor fans: Major is currently on the market once more. He’s dumped by his lady friend who can’t seem to handle his drama. Good riddance.

iZombie S1E8- "Dead Air"

Part Victoria Secret’s Model. Part Assistant District Attorney.

It takes countless hours of listening to Sasha’s radio show before Liv gets even an inkling on who Sasha’s killer could be. In the midst of all that, Liv takes her relationship advice to the test and pesters everyone around her. She asks Clive about his relationships, suggests Lowell and herself don’t have anything in common besides being zombies, and separately handles the Peyton/Ravi situation between both of them. (Liv eventually gives Peyton permission to go on a date with Ravi. These two are going to be so adorable).

The clue to Sasha’s murderer ends up being a commercial with the exact same southern accent as “Cheated on Chatanogga”. The thing is, not only is the commercial for a closed business, the voice belongs to Kaley. Kaley doesn’t have control over which commercials/ads get placed where during the show. But Jane, Sasha’s supposed friend and business partner, does. Ding, Ding, Ding, we have our murderer. Years prior, Jane tried to make a name for herself as a radio host. Sasha made sure she didn’t get any offers and basically blacklisted her in the area. With Sasha gone, guess who’s hosting Sasha’s memorial show: Jane. Not only do listeners hate her, Clive and Liv arrive to arrest her. Fame isn’t everything, Jane.

I can’t end this recap/review without mentioning the rat experiments. Ravi has successfully created a zombie rat! The now-albino rat has eaten every other rat in the experiment, as Liv and Ravi discover. Ravi’s practically runs for his life as far away from the zombie rat as he can (fun fact: Rahul Kohli is deathly afraid of rats. He’s probably not acting here). Liv, on the other hand, picks up the rat adorably and totally wants to keep it as a pet. That’s not the troubling bit that I’d like to mention. Towards the end of the episode, the zombie rat bits Ravi! I scream to my TV, “Ravi, can’t become a zombie! No!”

What did everyone think of 1.08: “Dead Air”? I’ll be muttering to myself, “Please don’t turn Ravi into a zombie,” over and over again silently to myself until the next episode.

Next week’s episode, 1.09: “Patriot Brains” airs Tuesday at 9/8c. The trailer can be viewed below.