‘iZombie’ Renewed for Second Season!

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Brainies, Brain Club, Z-Team (insert several more iZombie fandom names), you don’t have to wait in agony anymore.

iZombie Season 2

Credit: CBS/The CW

The zombie-tastic new CW series, has officially been renewed for a second season as of this Wednesday (5/6).

Overall the series has garnered both positive reviews and ratings throughout its first season run. While its average audience of 2 million isn’t a huge feat, it will most likely gain audience growth overtime.

How can it not with the creator of Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas, as the show’s executive producer?

iZombie marks the tenth CW show to be renewed.

Currently, the zombie drama is about halfway through its first season (out of a total of 13 episodes). No word on how long the second season will be or when production will begin. As for a release date, I’m going to go with early 2016 perhaps? But then again, last year’s mid-season premiered show, The 100, aired around March as well and its second season aired in October.

Olivia Moore can still live more on the CW and she’ll continue to wow us with her visions and ‘full on zombie mode’ skills (or is it “raging out”?)

What certain brain would you love to see Liv, Blaine, Lowell or any other of the zombie gang eat and be affected by in the upcoming second season? Leave your visions of season 2 in the comments below! (See what I did there?)


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