The Flash, S1 Ep21 – Grodd Lives

Last week’s episode of The Flash concluded with Eddie being kidnapped by Harrison Wells and Iris finally figuring out that Barry is The Flash. Now, with Eddie still missing and Harrison Wells’ true identity as the Reverse-Flash known to the rest of the team, a new villain enters the scene in the form of Grodd, who enlists General Wade Eiling in his plans.

The Flash, S1 Ep21 - Grodd Lives (3)

General Eiling returns

One of the last times we saw Grodd, a highly intelligent telepathic gorilla, Wells had given up General Eiling to him. As “Grodd Lives” opens up a man in a mask is robbing the Central City Gold Reserve. After The Flash’s first run-in with him Barry seemingly receives a telepathic attack. The mystery behind what Barry experiences builds as he succeeds in capturing the masked man the second time around. That masked man turns out to be Eiling.

Proceeding to entrap Eiling in a S.T.A.R. Labs prison cell, Cisco calls up A.R.G.U.S. to find out the details about where Eiling has been. While the mention of A.R.G.U.S. isn’t too important to the overall plot of “Grodd Lives” its always nice to see scenes which further establish the relationship between The Flash and Arrow, as long as they don’t feel forced or out of place. Eiling soon begins to talk to the team, knowing their identities and referring to himself as Grodd.

From previous episodes we already know that Grodd was a pet/science experiment of S.T.A.R. Labs and Wells had a special bond with him. Immediately hearing the name, Caitlin and Cisco figure that Grodd, having already received telepathic experiments, might have been further enhanced by the particle accelerator explosion allowing him to telepathically control Eiling. With the team now stumped on how to find Grodd, it’s up to Iris to lend them a hand.

Early on Iris gives Barry one last chance to tell her the truth and reveal his super hero identity to her, but he doesn’t. He still promises Iris that he will find Eddie, but that isn’t good enough for Iris as she decides to walk right into S.T.A.R. Labs as Barry is still in costume. Overall, the repercussions of Iris finding out that she’s been lied to for months are pretty slim. Of course she is very angry at both Barry and Joe at first, but the events that later transpire allow Iris to forgive them easily. I appreciate this as it places The Flash in stark contrast from its sister show, Arrow, as the lies told in Arrow often cause characters to remain angry with each other for numerous episodes.

As Iris has already heard reports of a possible large animal in the sewers, she assists Team Flash in locating Grodd. Thanks to Cisco, his pop culture movie references, and his idea to bring a banana with him, the hunt for Grodd has some humor to it. Once we finally see Grodd he is often shrouded in shadow perhaps to distract from the TV quality CGI. That being said, overall the CGI used for Grodd is commendable. Grodd is large and menacing, and his telepathic abilities make him a highly formidable opponent for Barry.

After Joe gets captured by Grodd, Cisco creates a device for Barry to wear on his head to avoid any telepathic attacks from Grodd. It was smart of Team Flash to fill certain parts of the sewer with gas in order to draw Grodd into an area where Barry can speed punch him from 3 miles away. Unfortunately, Grodd being as mighty as he is, this doesn’t work out and Grodd is able to catch Barry’s fist and throw him. Grodd eventually throws Barry through a brick wall and onto a subway line damaging Barry’s device in the process. With Barry now receiving telepathic attacks and there being an oncoming train about to hit him, Iris steps up and talks to Barry, coaching him through the attacks.

Joe meets Grodd

Joe meets Grodd

While it was enjoyable to see Barry overcome Grodd’s telepathic attacks and lead Grodd into the oncoming train, it would have been nice to see Barry figure out some way to outsmart him. It seems like Barry gets out of a lot situations simply by believing in himself, which can get a little corny sometimes.

Throughout the episode we see scenes of Eddie being held captive by Harrison Wells. Not much goes on in these scenes other than Wells telling Eddie about how he’s a Thawne who never really amounted to anything, and revealing to him that Iris marries Barry in the future. It’s possible that Wells may be attempting to turn Eddie against Iris and Barry to assure that their future marriage does happen as intended.

By the end of the episode Team Flash comes to the conclusion that Grodd was serving as a distraction from Wells. This makes a lot of sense, because it doesn’t seem logical for a monstrous, telepathic Gorilla to want to steal from the Central City Gold Reserve. Grodd served as a distraction while Wells further carried out his plans to attempt to go home to the future and now it seems he’s found his solution.

“Grodd Lives” turned out to be another highly entertaining episode of The Flash. Grodd’s first official full appearance was very satisfying, as we see how incredibly huge and menacing he has become since the particle accelerator accident. I’m also glad to see that the train that hit him did not kill him as I would love to see more Grodd in season two. “Grodd Lives” also makes me feel relieved that Iris finally knows the truth about The Flash, as it was bugging me every week that her father would keep the secret from her. With Iris knowing the truth now, she is actually much safer than she once was. It was also great to see Iris call both her father and Barry out on the way they’ve handled this situation. With Iris now in the loop, hopefully she’ll prove to be a good addition to Team Flash as well.

In next week’s episode we’ll get to see The Flash team up against the Reverse-Flash with special guests Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell as Arrow and Firestorm. Check out The CW’s official promo for “Rogue Air” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Grodd Lives” in the comments.

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