Orphan Black, S3 Ep3, Formalized, Complex, and Costly

The family tree got a little (well, a lot) bigger this week on Orphan Black!

To kick things off, Sarah and Felix have somehow managed to get Seth’s body upstairs and into Felix’s bathtub, but any further attempts to clean up the mess Rudy left them with are interrupted when Art shows up. While he’s looked the other way in the past when it comes to Sarah’s illegal activities, a dead body is taking things just a little too far. (As he tells Felix, “It’s a dead body, not a bag of weed.”) To help sway him into silence, Art is welcomed into Clone Club by Cosima over a video call, and they have a touching moment where they connect over missing Beth.

Cosima believes that Seth’s glitching is a neurological design flaw – the Castor version of how some Leda clones have the pesky coughing up blood problem – but to be sure she needs to examine his brain. So, of course, she and Scott set up shop in Felix’s bathroom. (Of all the gross things we see on Orphan Black, I’m glad at least that Seth’s cut open head didn’t make the list.)

Art and Sarah take off to look for Mark, who is still hiding out with Gracie in their hotel room, though Gracie doesn’t fully understand why. After consummating their marriage, Mark finally starts to tell her part of the truth, starting with, “I’m not who you think I am.” Poor Gracie. He goes on to say he didn’t desert the military, but he was assigned to her family’s ranch to recover stolen scientific material. He believes it’s currently in the possession of Willard Finch, a friend of Gracie’s father, and in order for them to be free of his people, he needs to finish his mission. Wanting to avoid another “violent mess,” Gracie volunteers to talk to Finch, who she’d met as a child, and manages to sweet talk slash threaten him into handing over the goods. Unfortunately, when Mark opens up the case later, it’s missing the samples he’s looking for.

Orphan Black, S3 Ep3 - Sarah and ArtBack to Sarah and Art – Sarah’s worried that Art is risking his job by helping her with the clone situation. And if you got feels from the Beth mention at the start of the episode, that was barely the tip of the iceberg… First, Art says simply, “I’m riding with my partner.” He knows Sarah isn’t Beth, but she encompasses many of the qualities he liked about Beth (“You are Beth’s sister, through and through.”). But then it goes even further, and Art admits he was in love with Beth.

Well, okay. Honestly, one of the first things that came to my mind was the parallel this now makes with Fringe (where another man didn’t realize his work partner/the woman he loved had been replaced with essentially a genetic identical). But another of my first thoughts was, really? It just feels very out of the blue, and unlike some revelations that make me itch to rewatch and look for the underlying clues, I doubt another watch of season one with this new knowledge will make a difference to how I see that relationship.

But anyway, Sarah tells Art he can’t help them if he ends up suspended, which convinces him to head home for now. Left alone in the diner, Sarah spots Gracie, who is waiting to see if Mark has greater success than she did at getting the samples back from Finch. Gracie’s unwilling at first to help Sarah find Mark, but is shaken up when Sarah reveals what Mark had still been hiding – his brothers. “Helena’s the mother of your kid,” Sarah reminds Gracie, “and she’s in trouble.”

Thanks to Gracie’s help, Sarah is then off to pay Finch another visit – and while she’s there she gets a call from Cosima with an update from the brain analysis: The boy clones are their brothers. Not something I was expecting, but at the same time, it makes sense, and didn’t surprise me very much either.

Orphan Black, S3 Ep3 - Mark threatens SarahEnding the call with Cosima, Sarah discovers Finch, now dead, with a pummeled finger that filled this week’s gross quota. Mark’s still there,and wants to know how Sarah found him. He’s not pleased, to put it lightly, when Sarah says Gracie helped her – and Gracie now knows he’s a clone. Sarah trying to tell him what she’s just learned, that they’re family only angers him further, but thankfully he doesn’t pull the trigger on Sarah and heads out to find Gracie instead.

But he doesn’t make it very far, as Gracie’s mom had found her daughter first, and was already outside waiting for him. She has no hesitations about shooting, hitting him first in the leg as he runs to his car. Mark tries to reason with her, claiming he loves Gracie, but she simply replies, “Not like her mother,” before firing off a (presumably) fatal shot. When Mark left Gracie earlier, and she said, “Don’t you dare leave me alone,” I suspected things weren’t going to go well, but I wasn’t expecting this! Two episodes in a row ending with Castor clone deaths – the rest of those guys had better watch out!

And to wrap things up, a quick look at what some of the other sestras were up to this week… Helena is still being held captive at the military base, with Dr. Coady (“Mother” to the Castor clones) keeping a close eye. On the base we also see Rudy hand over the logs and Patty’s hair to Coady, and then a strange moment where he hugs “Mother” and sucks his thumb. These guys have even more issues than I’d thought.

Rachel is struggling to speak and respond to flashcards that Dr. Nealon holds up for her. Due to her injuries, Delphine has notified Topside that Rachel died in a plane crash – and immediately I am way more interested in Rachel’s storyline and recovery. Rachel, used to being in control, can barely function. And now even if she can recover, the life of power she’s always known within Dyad has been stripped away from her. I’m looking forward to seeing where that leaves her.

Last, but certainly not least, Alison and Donnie are off to a strong start in their new career as pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. Using a new business selling soap as their front, they’re slipping in the pills along with the soap samples – and securing votes along the way. (Side note – I would totally pay for one of the campaign buttons Alison and Donnie were wearing. Just like I still wish I could buy a Blood Ties poster.) I hope Alison’s storyline ties back in with the rest of her sisters sooner rather than later, but I’m still loving everything Hendrix.

Favorite lines of the week!

  • “That’s a new project, it’s very fresh!”
  • “Oh trust me, if Helena’s an abomination, I’m much worse.”
  • “Oh, my god. Well, I looked. Shouldn’t have looked.”
  • “We should have been drug dealers years ago.” “Pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, honey.”
  • “Another one. You are the ugliest Mark yet.”

What did all of you think of this week’s episode? Did you find Art’s love confession more believable than I did? At this rate, how long do you think the Castor clones will last? Leave us a comment and let us know!