Castle S7 Ep 22 – Dead From New York

The penultimate episode of the season is about the behind-the-scenes workings of Saturday Night Tonight, an extremely thinly-veiled take on SNL. The show’s creator, Sid, is found murdered in the elevator of the studio, on the eve of their thirty-fifth anniversary celebration show.

I really, really, really like you?

And the episode is “Dead From New York.” Get it?

I gotta say, this episode fell a bit flat for me. Not totally, but the main mystery was just … okay. Especially since having the bad guy be the guy who’s basically second-in-command, in charge of Sid’s production company, is hardly a shock. (He was embezzling funds and knew that an upcoming sale of shares of the company’s stock would reveal his nefarious dealings. So he kidnapped Sid’s ex-wife, but then Sid recognized him at the ransom drop site so the guy knew he had to kill Sid.) However, the SNT backdrop does provide some amusing opportunities, such as Beckett flirting with Danny Winters, the older celebrity guest who used to star in a cop show. Also one of the writers is a Caskett fan, apparently, and writes a sketch with a “Castle” and a “Beckett” solving crimes together. It’s cute enough. I also enjoyed Jaleel White as SNT‘s mainstay celeb who’s getting tired of his contractual obligations to the show, as well. Carly Rae Jepsen and her new single did very little for me, though I admit I’ll never turn down a chance to watch Beckett & Castle dance.

The best secondary plotline is that of Martha, preparing for the preview of her new show about to open on Broadway. Evidently she has a tradition of getting ready for opening night by saying nothing but her first line for 48 hours, in a wide variety of different ways. This time, it’s, “Is he dead?” – but according to Castle, one time when he was school age it was, “Come here, baby, I’ll make it worth your while.” Which led to, in Rick’s words, the “most awkward parent-teacher conference ever.” Bwah!


I do really like these guys.

But Martha has a crisis of confidence that evening, worrying that she’s not ready to face theater audiences in this new era of social media. She thinks their critiques of the preview will be so bad that she’ll tank when the show actually opens. But Castle, at Beckett’s urging, encourages her to seize the day, and seize this opportunity for her “second act” on Broadway. And of course, her first preview goes smashingly. Twitter reviewers go so far as to call her “amazeballs”. Heh.

Other than that, I did enjoy Ryan and Espo’s exchange about the merits of SNT as a show. I like the idea that Ryan took an improv class sponsored by SNT at some point. We’ll have to see if Espo continues to make use of “Yes, and” in his work life.

So what did you think of the episode? Did it remind you of your favorite episodes of SNL, or your least favorites?