Reign, S2 E20- Fugitive

Reign S2E20- "Fugitive"

Leith’s, Claude’s, and Greer’s plot(s) for this episode intersect in a creative and smooth way. As we all know, Leith wants nothing more than to wed Greer and start a family. Unfortunately, she’s still married. Leith is trying with all his might to see to an annulment for her. He even goes as far as stealing items from the castle for the priest in charge of setting up the annulment. Just as Leith is about to take one of the items, a jeweled scepter, Claude catches him in the act. His excuse of getting it cleaned does not fly with her. So this bit of information doesn’t get out to the castle public, Claude insists Leith take her to see her “twin soul”/boy toy that’s in town and not hesitate in any of her other requests.

While Claude goes to meet her friend with benefits, things turn sour for her. After catching up (sex), Claude pours out her soul to him. She confesses that she’s lonely and that she has no friends or people to talk to at the castle. Her friend doesn’t believe her in the slightest. When Claude asks if he would like to stay with her at court (and maybe get married eventually, wink-wink), he basically says he has other important things to do and doesn’t find that offer appealing. Ouch. Claude takes out all of her frustrations and sadness out on Leith, even going as far as forcing Leith to end things with Greer. Like he’s going to listen to her. He yells this lengthy but beautifully crafted speech to Claude proclaiming his love for Greer and how one day he will call her his wife. Feeling touched by this (or maybe understanding his point of view), Claude hands over her expensive earrings so he can cover the annulment costs. Rose Williams absolutely blew it out of the park in this episode. We’ve seen Claude distraught and upset, but that mainly happened to be about/with Catherine. This time she’s expressing her feelings of love outside her family and the loneliness she feels everyday. It’s a real eyeopener and it allows us to understand why Claude is the way she is most of the time.

Reign S2E20- "Fugitive"

Does love trump everything?

Money in hand from Claude’s pawned earrings, Leith proceeds to Greer’s house. He immediately whips out the money and talks about their future together. This is where things shift in different directions. Greer of course loves Leith, she just wants to focus on her career at the moment and doesn’t want to get married. Again with the speeches, Leith proclaims that he doesn’t even need money in his life. Being with her for the rest of his life would be worth it for him. Greer wants to use the money towards her business, and Leith just can’t even fathom that. If they were to start a family together, Leith wouldn’t want Greer’s current lifestyle to be in their children’s lives.

Greer chooses her career over Leith. As someone that is very career > relationship myself, I can understand where Greer is coming from. She wants to be independent and not rely on anyone. That’s awesome, and should would completely strive in today’s age. But in her time, women weren’t really seen as ‘breadwinners”. I don’t know, I can see both points of views (the problem with having crazy amounts of empathy for people). I don’t believe their relationship is completely over. I did say that about Kenna and Bash and now look at them, so I could be wrong again. We have to have one stable relationship in this show! As of right now, that’s probably Catherine and Narcisse. Are you guys on Team Greer or Team Leith in this Greith love situation?

Overall, what did you guys think of 2.20: “Fugitive”?

Next week’s episode 2.21: “The Siege”, airs Thursday at 9/8c. The trailer for it can be viewed below.

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