Reign, S2 E20- Fugitive

Reign S2E20- "Fugitive"

Wanted: Louis of Condé. For the acts of: marrying Queen Elizabeth by proxy (sort of), and being half of a love affair that’s been excruciating to watch at this point. We love you, Louis, we do.

Everyone in the French court is after Louis, once word gets out that he betrayed the entirety of France by attempting to marry Queen Elizabeth. He’s been forced to go into hiding and a part of me feels sad for the guy. I’m not sure how all of you feel, but I think that Condé needs this marriage to Elizabeth to work. It will keep him out of Mary’s way so she can actually rule and he can become the leader for Protestants, which everyone thinks he’d be perfect for.

Throughout this episode we see Louis sneak around undetected/unseen by anyone as he passes as townsfolk or merchants. He’s lucky technology isn’t around yet, his cover would have been blown ages ago thanks to social media and the internet. Of course, Mary feels bad for his current troubles and tries to help him pass as a local tanner. Just as he’s about to think it’s worked, he’s spotted by Renaude and taken captive. He doesn’t have to wait long for a rescue, however. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth’s current obsession with him, Englishmen save him from Renaude’s campsite – all the while Mary is crying over her lover’s potential death in her bedroom. Wipe away those tears, young lady. Where’s your strength and vigor from early season 2?

Reign S2E20- "Fugitive"

You and me, oh yeah we’re seamless.

Feeling distraught over the current Condé situation, she disguises herself all in black and visits her old friend, Greer. It was incredibly touching to see the two share a scene again. You can just see from the look in Mary’s eyes that she’s proud of how far Greer’s come. Please visit her more, Mary! Okay, so the main reason she visited Greer was to ask a favor of her. Since there is so much gossip milling about at her house, she wants Greer to pass along any Louis information she can. Greer absolutely accepts. It’s almost like her and her ladies are working for the Queen of France.

Condé ends up speaking in front of loads of supportive Protestants with the Englishmen; boy do they worship him. Queen Elizabeth has this crazy idea that she must marry a King, so it appears a Francis/Louis battle will commence soon. That ought to be grand. Before I dive into the side plots of the episode (as usual, my favorite of the episode), I would like to mention the scene between Mary and Bash (his only scene of the episode, by the way) that was borderline heart-wrenching. Mary is peering out the castle windows when Bash joins her. She’s explaining to him that all of this madness started with her. Bash doesn’t sugarcoat it for her; he reminds her of the time when they were an item and all the obstacles that were thrown their way. For me, it was nice to see Mary discussing her faults and for Mary/Bash to be referenced (I thought everyone forgot about those two previously having feelings for one another). Please show more of this, Reign.

As for the side plots, they’re all about love. Kenna lusts after Renaude (we’re talking sexy dreams) and ends up trying things out with him. Excuse me while I wipe away a tear from the sinking of the Kenna and Bash ship. Hopefully you will sail again soon. Narcisse tries to get a rise out of Lola by sketching a naked photo of her in the bath. 1) His love for baths never ceases to be amusing. 2) Lola should also be grateful photographs haven’t really been developed yet.

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